Tuesday, August 27, 2013

need a laugh today?

                                          when the video starts, click down in the right hand corner to enlarge

well, I don't know about you, but this video
cracks me up....
like really UP...that's up with a capital U
and just for good measure a capital P as well.
~ a good laugh is such a great way to start a day-
  watch it and then go make someone else laugh too,
it's an assignment-from me to you.

xo beth

p.s. laughter is so important to our health that recently on the
dr.oz show (does anyone else think everything he advises is
"the gospel"?) he said, to feel better just put
a pencil way back in your mouth, between your teeth and bite down on it
~ hold it in there for awhile.
(crossways- so it's sticking out both sides- right?)
it stimulates the muscles you use to smile broadly and then
even if you're not actually feeling smiley about
it will trick your body into feeling better!

apparently if you smile more, you are a happier person.

i'm so going to go try it right now~

:  )       : )       : )

p.s.  i have two friends that i hope will pay special attention to this video. 
one of you is a childhood friend and the other a newer one. 
both of you along with me could have starred in the video. we were, and still
are that ridiculous when we're together.  thank you both for
always making me laugh!



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