Monday, August 19, 2013

there's a cool resale homegoods store in my town. marcie the owner is an
artist. this sign is one she hand painted. it now hangs in my boudoir at the lodge~
cool folk art if you ask me. marci has a whole line of her art being
reproduced on mugs, pictures frames, signs etc.
I think she's going to be famous- she's that talented, when she is I will point
to my piece and say "it's an original".  
:  )

can you see how it's 3-D and all?
there are snippets of cloth, metal and painted canvas on it.

marcie also does staging for weddings and has a growing collection of beautiful,
unique items that she rents out for events.
the shop is called st claire consignment if you're interested.
oh one more thing, she's just moved into an 800 square foot
home and has a blog about it called:
she's got so much raw energy she makes me tired just thinking about all
she accomplishes in a weeks time!
can't wait to see her line in local stores~
xo, beth

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  1. Thanks, Beth, for this amazing post! I am so touched! I love seeing how you come up with things... keep going, as you have another devoted follower here! Marcie


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