Friday, August 23, 2013

coming soon to a nursery near here...

 this is keely... 

keely and her husband aaron are expecting their
first child.
this baby will be the second grandchild this year
for some of our dearest friends.
keely isn't the only one who's expecting~ 
i am expecting too.
i am expecting a tiny baby with big brown eyes
and dark hair
 who will steal our hearts and bring unending
joy to our friends lives.


these two met in ecuador while volunteering. they are soft spoken, grounded,
kind people.

this was Aaron's favorite childhood book- his parents
sent it for the baby- awwww,  how sweet.
(this is my favorite shot)

is there anything more lovely than the curve of a baby belly?

thanks k. and a. for letting me
hang out with you on this perfect summer evening,
i loved seeing your new home and
i hope these photos bring you lots of joy.
i've known keely since she was in 2nd grade
and this baby is going to be very blessed to
have these two for parents~

happy hot weekend...
winter will be here before we know it- i just know it!
xo, beth



  1. Beautiful photos! You are blessed, Beth! (Grandma)
    Now I know how to post a comment, and I will read through your blog when I have time (soon). Happy hot weather back. Marcie

  2. These are absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful Bethie! Thanks for capturing the love :)
    G'ma Cindy


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