Monday, August 5, 2013

inside out me

ever wonder if the little things that make you you
are weird?
did you know that:

there's an actual medical condition called  black hairy tongue. look it up.
do you think i have it? 
okay that was just for laughs, here we go~


*most days when i look in the mirror it surprises me that
I've grown so old.

 *i have major, and i mean major packing anxiety. when
someone is going on a big trip, sometimes i say to them a
week or so beforehand
"have you started packing yet?"
if they answer no...i feel a little queasy- seriously? how can you be
flying to aruba on friday and not have started to lay out and obsess
over what to bring!!!
if i'm going with you -anywhere- expect this former girl scout to
have your back if you forget anything. i come prepared.
*i wore my retainer for about 15 years after getting my braces off in
 10th grade. it wasn't until my toddler accidentally stuck it in her mouth
instead of her pacifier that i decided to give it up.
i never wanted those eye teeth to go back up in the old
vampire position! seriously.
*i am easily grossed out. do not- and i mean do not
expect me to look at your bad owie, or describe anything with the words
pus or ooze in them to me. pleeease
i can't stand long fingernails OR toenails on men.
girls can have long nails if they're clean, but girls shouldn't have long toenails- right?
(i knew a girl who's toenails would wear out the front of her
shoes because she never cut them.)
*i eat a lot of junk. always have- probably always will. as i age
i intersperse it with more and more real foods, but if you knew what
i survived on for the beginning of my life, you'd wonder how i
did survive. this maybe goes to prove that a person can
grow and flourish on nothing but salty chips and cheese?   : D
*if you hear of a study being done on poor nutrition let me know k. i'd be a great case study.
i've certainly grown, and i've flourished quite a bit too.
have you flourished? that's a funny thing to say.
*i'm a home body. i like to stay pretty much in a 10 mile radius of my casa.
when i go further i feel like i'm on vacation.
and vacation means i have to pack. and you know how i feel about packing.
*i always have something to eat in my purse. that actually comes in real
handy if you're my child or friend. hungry? just dig around and help yourself.

* I see things that i want to photograph in pretty much any situation. i see
beauty everywhere.

more on that later

* i love to bake but don't really like to cook meals.

* i cry easily but love anything that makes me laugh~ funny people
are my favorites.

* i was really bad at math and science- the hard subjects in school-
i did however love english, spelling, typing, art classes. go figure.

*i love to watch old episodes of seinfeld, king of queens and family feud.

* i don't like to listen to oldies channels on the radio.

* i save any book i read and love. books are crucial to my happiness.
my nook is great, but i will always love to hold an actual book in my hands

* i can't see myself ever having any kind of plastic surgery- i have
however had my stash lasered off- best thing ever!

*one of my prize possessions is the guitar my grandpa bought me
when i was in junior high.

*i am addicted to chap stick.


now- i'd love you to give me a shout back, tell me a couple interesting things about you.
come know you wanna.

xo, beth


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  1. ok.... THIS is GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know that I went through 3 retainers after braces because I would ALWAYS take it out ~ and then loose it (of course!) SOOOO glad the day that thing was done being needed ~ dang retainer! No... seriously though - we need a pic of us in our retainers ... bring it next time we're together ;-)


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