Saturday, August 3, 2013

my garden gloves got dirty~

here's what's making me all kinds of happy today~  I decided to tackle a big gardening project that was way overdue. the flower bed that is right in front of our house had gotten so overgrown, weedy and well...just blah. nothing blooming this time of year and way too much shade. the shade part I can't do much about- as there is a big tree canopying overhead- but i have been admiring other people's gardens the last couple weeks and paying particular attention to what was blooming in them.

before i turned off the lights late last night i did some research, made a list  of plants to try and find and then bright and early this morning - (is 9:50 bright--or early where you come from)?  i headed to bachmans garden center and got a big old cart full of goodies and headed home.

it would have been so grand if i could have just started planting- but "wait a minute"- remember how i said the garden was overgrown and weedy? well before i could reward myself with the fun part i had some work to do. i just about filled our dumpster with all the crap i dug out of this flower bed. (shhh, don't tell lars- he hates when i put yard stuff in there cause you're not really supposed to- dude's a rule follower. i figure it's a whole lot better than all the diapers and trash that goes to the landfill).  : )

                                                             before. colorless. blah.


                                           here comes the fun part~a car full of healthy new perennials


i bought coreopsis in 2 different colors,
2 balloon flowers (never had them before- i hope they don't spread fast),
2 pink turtle head plants- again hope they aren't quick spreading,
2 royal blue delphiniums,
a yellow galardia,
an orange butterfly bush &
2 mum plants.
after 3 hours of weeding, dead heading and digging out plants i no longer wanted,
i started planting and then when i was finished i gave the whole front
yard a good long soaking with the sprinkler.
man it felt good to walk around my garden tonight and
see it all cleaned up and plants with flowers on them!
here's a few more shots of the new little inhabitants all snug in their
new homes.


   have you heard of earthing yet? it's believed
to be a way to improve your health. look it up! i should have gotten
my dose of vitamin D today friends.
(by the way- earthing means connecting with the earth directly-
whether you just sit on the lawn, play in the ocean or pull weeds and get
your hands dirty.  doing something that connects you directly with the
earth every single day not only keeps you grounded- it may even
make you healthier).
i didn't even need that excuse, but i'm willing to
believe in the health benefits of the great outdoors.
go roll around outside why don't ya?
i'm going to hit the shower and wash off the evidence of a good days work.
xo, beth


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