Friday, August 9, 2013

 last weekend up north, while out exploring in the woods
the guys found these wild lilies.
seth was so excited to bring some back
for me.  (at 13,  he's such a love- still all sweet and affectionate. )


here's some shots from the new garden. these are forget me nots. i haven't grown
them for years and i'd forgotten (no pun intended) how much i love them!

                                a long row of zinnias-grown from seeds i saved from last years crop.

                                         i planted all kinds of vining things and to tell you the truth
                                i don't know if this is pumpkins (pretty sure it is), watermelon, gourds
                                   or cantalope.

the sign and the ladybug tell the story. turnips.

these sunflowers will make me very happy if they ever bloom.
last year the critters ate them all off as soon as they'd push
thru the ground- this year they're not eaten off but it's been cooler than usual
so things are slow to grow up north.

healthy looking beans huh?

and last but not least, one of the strawberries in the new patch. the previous
owners just had some ground cover planted in this raised, rocked circle, so
we decided to kick it up a notch and make it a strawberry bed.

ta-da!    this is the first pretty bouquet of flowers from the gardens
at the lodge this year. when we get there late friday nights 
i rush out to see what's blooming. the best part is the fact
that with the fenced in garden so far all animals except
birds have stayed away and let me do my thing- grow stuff.   :  )

if lars is driving home, he cannot resist stopping in a little hole in the wall town
for ice cream cones. dude loves his ice cream. it's the kind of store where
 you look in a big old case, choose
from about 10 different flavors, choose waffle or regular cone and then for
about 3 bucks-get an ice cream cone piled so high that one could feed our whole family.
we, of course, each have our own.
seth has to take a bit of rough housing from his uncle as they rush
inside to order first, but it's all worth it, trust me.

enjoy your weekend - gotta go pack for mine. 

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