Tuesday, March 31, 2015

last friday i was part of ashley fox's design crew.
ashley masterminded the design, decor and setup for the
spring bridal show at 
   l'atelier couture bridal  in minneapolis mn.

the 4 of us who were her assistants, had no idea what she had planned until
we arrived. we unloaded in the loading dock and took all the 
supplies up an elevator to the 4th floor and the magic was about to begin.
ashley gave us a briefing about the first project- which was to 
carefully & individually, wire dozens and dozens of delphiniums to dowels.
these masterpieces were soon going to be hung from the ceiling!

these pipes (which normally hold all the exquisite bridal gowns) were 
wrapped with smilex. there were beautiful furniture groupings spread out
around the light filled warehouse loft for guests to sit on, come evening.

isn't this a vision? 
the wall with the metal panels is just a plain white wall-
but ashley had us use wall hooks to make real vines appear to be
crawling up them.

gowns being steamed and readied for the runway.

there were buckets and buckets of insanely beautiful flowers for
us to use.

... if you like sparkle- the jewelry in this case would make you drool.

in another area, these huge wooden doors were getting draped with
real vines and then dark mysterious fresh flowers were added.
we extended the fresh vines out across the ceiling and
up to the entrance.

this is ashley fox. she's a rock star floral designer.
she may be tiny, but she has big ideas and dreams and she's not
afraid to tackle them.

as the day wrapped up, yours truly quickly made about 8 arrangements that were
 used here and there to finish off the design plan.
i don't think any of us thought we were done, but
our bodies and the clock told us differently~ the models and interns 
were starting to arrive and they needed the floors cleaned up and the
dress rehearsal to start happening.

i came home exhausted~ but excited to have had the opportunity to
help pull off an event like this.
*and i told my sweetie, that one of the parts i was proudest of, was
that i found the shop- in a busy part of mpls. that i never go to, and
had to find a parking lot and one of those darn boxes to put my payment in and then go back 
and find my car again because i didn't know my license #... and then find the 
back alley where the rest of the girls were unloading. 
~for a girl who hardly ever leaves her neighborhood~ this felt 
like as much of an accomplishment as anything else i did 
that day.

: D

happy Easter week!


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