Friday, March 20, 2015

rambling after dark

if i could, i'd stay up every night to watch jimmy fallon.
his kind of funny is my kind of funny.
i'm sitting here, typing and watching his show,
and i'm tired. i'd go to bed, but i'm too tired to get up.

: ) yawn.

i'm picturing you reading this over the weekend though, so
i'll finish it, post it and then me and my little black lab (I'm dogsitting c and a's for a few days)
 will sleep in  in the morning
while you're up checking emails!

did you get the memo that today was the first day of spring?
it was beautiful here in minnesota, but if you're from 
out east...not so much.  i made a quick trip to chaska this morning
to pick up a chicken feeder and some shepards hooks that kind
friends are borrowing me to use for our daughter's wedding.
(omgosh...we are at 8 weeks and counting now folks- do not ask what the chicken
feeder is for, it's a surprise). 
i'm going to do the flowers for the big event ya know.

we only have one daughter. she and her fiance have told us
that this is IT for them... and that they have found their one and only and
 are only getting married once.
once and done- forever and for always- so of course i hope
their wedding day will be a "dream come true" kind of day.
i'll try not to bore you too much with details and tidbits but i'm already
dreaming about the big day and one night last week dreamt that i missed
the wedding altogether because i couldn't find one of my shoes.
(seriously~ who does my subconscious think i am...cinderella?)

my hubbie says i need to "simmer down" -
or at the very least, he stated, that he's not going to allow
me to make him kookoo too.
**~~~*good luck with that buddy boy!

fairy gardens are fun- have you made one? there are little accessories
sold everywhere to personalize them.

i started some garden clean up after lunch and yessireeee (that's a word right?) the first of my
bulbs are poking through the ground!  i took kenzie for a walk and she
loved all the new smells in a different neighborhood. when you
walk a dog you can't hurry too much. one of their greatest pleasures in life is
sniffing. she most likely will go to sleep dreaming about all the
rabbits, squirrels and other dogs she smelled today.

this is a little throwback to march 2011... and my sweet little
friend josie kay out shopping with her momma and i.

and  then this is march 2013..... i'm about to start the lawn mower here and 2 years ago
we had THIS much snow in mid-march at our cabin.
an early spring is the best gift mother nature can give us after
a winter in minnesota.

*where can i send her thank you note?

i'm done and jimmy just thanked
individual cheese slices for being edible
post it notes.

that's a wrap~

xo, beth

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