Tuesday, March 24, 2015

i don't have a lot to say today, but i do have some pretty pictures to share~

when i had my cottage sale last summer, i decided to part with my
antique dining room table. i think i know what i want for a table now, 
but i haven't found it, so in the meantime i've been trying 
different "looks" in here. this is my favorite so far.
i'm pretending i have a sun room and the light that
floods this area right next to the patio doors is so pretty that
it's my new favorite place to sit!

i had breakfast here yesterday, tea and yogurt topped with
fresh raspberries, strawberries and some crunchy oatmeal cereal for kicks.

pretty spectacular sunset sunday night~

i went to bachmans hoping to buy hellebores bulbs but they don't sell them.
came home with these instead and i know it's a long shot, but by gosh i'm going
to try growing some ranunculus and anemones myself!

the 9 inches of snow we got on sunday is melting again and
after getting my gardens all cleaned off i was worried about my budding plants,
bye bye for good this time winter!

xo, beth 

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