Friday, March 6, 2015

how many hours would it take to clean up a studio work area...

well~how about an entire day. 
last saturday i woke up and decided to tackle the 
mess that had accumulated on and all around my studio
table. it was daunting. worse than it even looks, because every 
container, nook and cranny  was unorganized and overloaded.

i'm going to let you see my work area...
don't judge.
art and creativity usually go hand in hand
creativity = mess  

this is part of the framed picture that hangs over my table.

here it is, in all it's messy glory.
 i love this table. it's from ikea, (and so is the tall cabinet next to it).
it's two saw horse type side pieces with a table top that rests on them. 
it's adjustable too. there are shelves underneath on both sides and i have baskets
and bins on them and also the floor.

hours later~ and a big bag of garbage and two bags to donate~ i'd gone
through everything and had it looking like this.

at this table i sew, glitter, paint, cut, draw, glue, solder, collage, and design. 
 i also edit photos and when i'm working, i hardly leave the area all day.

it feels sooo good to have it cleaned up.
every time i walk by there now it makes me happy.

snacks and a beverage or two are imperative~

sunday i went to tonkadale nursury. there's something extra pleasant about
walking through a big greenhouse that does it's own growing this time of year.
i only took photos with my phone that day and they don't
upload well to the blog, so i'll just share that it was just what i needed after
a long cold winter. for as far as the eye could see there were benches
with flowers coming up. the smell of dirt and plants filled my senses and i 
walked up and down most of the aisles and just soaked it all in.

they have a big fatty catty that lives in the greenhouse and i love when
he saunters out and lets me say hi. (and he did)
i bought this teeny little cyclamen and the cement pot to put it in.
so tiny it fits on the kitchen windowsill.

 just a couple more shots from last week. i'm patiently waiting spring
ranunculus for sale, but until then, these pretty roses were fun.

there's a full moon this week and there's been some fab sunsets too~

 yep, i made popovers for breakfast again- drizzled with honey butter...
it's almost as great as staying at a B and B!

the weather man is teasing us with the prediction of some 50 degree days
next week...could it be true? change is in the air...and we get to
set the clocks forward tomorrow night.
we did it fellow minnesotans- together we have made it to march
and before long the flowers i'm so lonesome for will be back!!!!!!!!
(i've started buying seeds and i planted wheat grass yesterday too. eeeeeeekkk).

so long for now
xo, beth

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