Sunday, March 1, 2015

are you watching the new season of  THE VOICE with me?

oh MAN i love this show.... it just started and these two auditions
blew me awaaaaay.

in case you missed it, because i love you, 
 and because i've had a rather
uneventful week---- (ADIOOOOOS february)
i'm going to share them here.

this is sawyer and he is 15. yep 15.

joshua davis

now, tell me that that alone doesn't make you want to watch
the show.

well, whether you join me or not, i'll for sure be tuning in.
i LOVE music and i love what this show represents.
i used to like american idol- but once i discovered the voice,
i don't think there's any comparison.

america's #1 singing show truly attracts 
amazing new talent, and gives regular people like you and me
*well not me- i can't sing to save my life*
the opportunity of a lifetime.

 i just love that!

it's march, and that's
a m a z i n g,


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