Friday, February 27, 2015

this is my brother todd

when we bought our land up north almost 3 years ago,
he and his family were some of the first 
visitors that came to see us and explore our
many acres of woods and trails.

nobody loves being in the wild more than
this guy.
he was full on "duck dynasty" before any of
us even knew who those guys were. 
i snapped this photo of him when we all went out
for a long walk on a cool spring morning.
it was misty and we'd had a lot of rain and i just love the
image of him with his walking stick and camo in this magic light.


cheryl strayed who wrote the book WILD is going to be
in eden praire to speak soon and i just bought tickets to go see her!

i loved her book and now her story-
her true story of growing up just miles from where i live, has been
made into a movie and she is hob-knobing with the likes
of robert redford (who invited her to speak at sundance) and
she attended the academy awards you guys!!
 she's just a regular girl from minnesota with stories inside her that
are sad, and compelling and redeeming and i can't wait to 
sit in a room and hear her tell them.

cheryl walked the entire pacific trail- by herself -
when she was only in her 20's, to try and find her way
back to life after heartbreaking losses.

todd, maybe you should come with me~
i'll bet you and cheryl are kindred spirits!

xo, me

(a girl who wouldn't dare spend even one night alone
in the wilderness).

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