Tuesday, February 17, 2015

whoot whoot! look who's about to celebrate his first birthday,

i've had the pleasure of taking photos at this little fellas house
many times and like i told his momma tonight,
something magical happens when i shoot there.

it may be the fact that arlo and his brother are 
breathtakingly gorgeous children, or maybe it's the fact that their momma
just lets me play. she doesn't really seem to care what i do,
she just hangs out with us, lets me do my "thang" and lets what happens... happen.
*the light in their house is very pretty and soft too and that's a big bonus.

'howdy cowboy"

don't you love his little outfit? he's a ray of sunshine~

seriously?     i looooove him.

i guess both brothers love this hat...(me too). 

the tongue...  : p

oh, hi big brother~

don't you just want to smooch this little bare back?

now how about we smash some cake?

the little red tongue.

mr. A needed no encouragement to dig right in- he was on it.

all done.

next step~ a dip in the sink to clean up.
(love the box of wine conveniently located by the faucet-)

we snuck in a few shots of arlo's beautiful momma while i was there.
she tried to tell me she isn't photogenic.
ummmm -so obviously not true.
no wonder her boys are so darling!

you may have noticed that i haven't been doing posts with portraits lately.
that's because i now put most of them on either my face book page
(look for brown sparrow studio),
or on my brand new website. that's right, girlfriend has worked
her butt off and has her website up.
*the link to it is at the top right on my sidebar.

it's snowing like crazy here tonight. i've been up at our cabin since last week
but am back home now. there wasn't much going on and my oldest was
sicker than sick. i was kind of bored and am hoping and praying that i
didn't bring home "the bug". i miss my garden and having flowers to
tend and cut and bring in and enjoy up there. we haven't had enough
snow to snowshoe even once this year! if you follow my blog you maybe
remember me telling you about the last two snowy winters  and
some of the trouble we've had getting up our long driveway there.
several times we ended up getting stuck and walking alllllll the way
carrying our stuff. we have a little tractor now and wouldn't you
know it- we haven't even needed it this winter! haha
oh well, more winters are a'comin.

you may not believe this, but it's only
days till spring!
not even kidding~

have a super week-

xo, b

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