Saturday, February 21, 2015

today i thought it would be fun to share with you some 
 products i've been using and loving.
first let's talk about food. i was looking for a salad dressing that wildfire restaurant
sells, but when i couldn't find it at the grocery store i took
a chance and bought this maple grove farms, lime-basil vinaigrette.
it's better than good- it's amazing!  the tanginess of the lime
is just perfect on a good spinach salad.

at the beginning of the year i decided to make a serious attempt to drink more water.
on a typical day i probably only drank one 8 oz. glass (if that).
i wasn't drinking much else either because i gave up my 
beloved diet coke about a year ago.

i started buying real lemon juice and lemons and i squirt a good spray of
the juice in my glass, fill it with water- (not real cold and no ice) and then drop in
one or two frozen lemon slices and i find myself slurping it down all day long.
now i typically drink at least 3 large glasses everyday.

*i find it helpful to buy a few lemons (and limes are fun to add too) and slice them
and have them readily available in the freezer.

now....have you jumped on the essential oil bandwagon yet?
well good for you if you have, and if you haven't 
tune your instrument (get it?) and join me!!!

i'd been hearing a lot about them on blogs, pinterest and from friends and family,
and had a couple kinds, but then during a girls weekend last fall, a cousin of mine
introduced us to young living brand oils, and taught us some of the many benefits.

below is the line-up of the oils i now use religiously.

peppermint oil~ i use this in the morning, and any time during 
the day when i need a little pick me up. the best usage for me
though has been the discovery that when my stomach hurts
rubbing some directly on my tummy gives me relief in about 20 mn. 

tea tree~ good for any breakouts and cuts on my skin.

valor~ this one is an oil blend and it calms me down and boosts my 
immune system.

thieves~ another blend, this one is my miracle cure. i've been around
soooo many sick people this fall and winter and i use this one a minimum of
twice a day and more if i've been out in public. so far so good and i've been 
dodging the sick bullet this winter. the true test is if i don't get the 
crud that my oldest and my hubbie have right now.

stress away~ i got this one to calm me and keep me from being bossy. (ha ha)
i will be bathing in it the week of my daughter's wedding. :  )

lavender~ this one is another lifesaver. i rub it on my feet at bedtime and it helps me
sleep well and the really great advantage for me is that i've found
when i have one of my frequent headaches, i just open it and take a few 
deep breaths and pretty soon the headache is gone- with no ibuprofen. nice!

if you're interested in trying essential oils, do your homework. there's a lot of
helpful information on the internet. i just know for me, that they are
working and making me feel better, naturally.

now this little gadget was a Christmas present (i hinted about). it's a battery operated
foot sander. you can buy them at walgreens and other local stores and
it is such an easy way to get rid of the callouses that build up on my feet.
~formerly referred to as hooves.

if you have stomach issues, probiotics may help. i think i
saw this tip on the dr. oz show and decided to try it.
omgosh!!! within a week, by body was happier and
i don't have as many stomach aches and the irregularity that i 
used to have. 

*sorry to be so graphic, but hey we're all friends here right?
i'm trying to help you!

and on a lighter note- this mascara rocks!
i've used the same kind for years, but switched it up a bit and 
bought neutrogena healthy volume (available at target) and i love it.
it doesn't clump and has a great brush and i won't be going back to my 
old standby. good mascara is worth it's weight in gold to me....

and lastly,
as a public service announcement, i also want to make sure
you know these two things:

1. flonase is now available in prescription strength OTC (over the counter)
what great news for those of us who use it!
2. the shamrock shakes are back at McDonalds. 
get thyself there- they are seasonal and just available thru march.
  i haven't had one yet, but i will.
(you're welcome).

well,that's a wrap!


it's colder than a witches titty here in the twin cities
wear a scarf, wear your boots, put on some wool socks-
do what your momma told you.

love you~ stay warm, stay well!
xo, beth ~*mother of 3

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