Friday, February 13, 2015


10  reasons why~ i love this guy~

                1. he will eat whatever i cook and doesn't even care if i cook. he'll just eat a bowl of cereal.

2. he has always supported and encouraged me to do whatever i want to do- career wise,

    and just in general. he believes in me even when i don't believe in myself.

3. when he puts his arms around me, we fit perfectly.

4. he always carries the heavy stuff.

5. he always jumps out to put gas in my car, even when i'm driving. and i don't have to ask.

6. he offers to drop me off at the door and then park the car. (being a gentleman is

    kind of a lost art isn't it?)

7. he usually asks me what i'd like him to wear if we're going out- (anything not camo- thanks hon).

8. he's really smart. the kids and i can ask him just about anything and he knows the

    answer. but he's not cocky.  he's also the most honest person i know.

9. although he's not exactly young anymore, he's strong, he can work allll

    day long doing hard physical stuff. love a man with some muscle.

10. he will listen to me ramble on and on and only give me advice when i ask for it.

oh he's not perfect, but since i'm so far from perfect myself
"most" days I consider myself very blessed.

 happy valentines day to
all of you!

*don't wait for someone to
bring you flowers~
-go buy yourself some and
make your own day!!! 

xo, beth

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