Sunday, March 15, 2015

ra-ra-run and get yourself some ranunculus~

friends, although i always say that fall is my favorite
season of the year, spring is right up there
vying for first place. 

it's the flowers.
i'm so lonesome for them by the time spring rolls
around, that i'd practically work at a floral shop for free.

i've been seeing ranunculus (my favorite flower) on other people's blogs and instagram
pages and anxiously waiting for them to be available in minnesota.
i even called trader joes more than once to see if they had
them in stock yet.  well guess what? they're here and it's worth
a drive somewhere, somehow, someday-if you love flowers
like i love flowers to get yourself a bunch of these beauties. they
are only available for a short time. they don't always look that
pretty when you buy them, especially if they're not fully open, but
that's how i like to buy them. if you get them in tighter bud form, re-cut and
put in a vase, they slowly open up and you can get almost
 two weeks of enjoyment out of them. 
:  )

if you're a blog follower of mine, you know that planting wheatgrass is another
spring tradition at my house. here's the first pot of the year, sprouting, growing
a couple inches a day and looking so pretty on my table,

i was up at the lodge last week because of this.
the notice most of us dread, second only to a tax audit.
jury duty.

i got the first notice in january saying i was on duty from feb. 1st --may 30th.
to say i freaked out was an understatement.
4 months? are you kidding me!

i didn't even care about feb. march, and april-
but in case you forgot i have a daughter getting married in may.
seriously people!!!!
my jury duty isn't here in the cities either, it's in wadena, 3 hours from here
because we own a property up north.

well, i got a letter that i needed to be available last week,
so i went to the cabin, called in like a good citizen and
the trial had settled out of court. that meant a few days to relax, walk in the woods,
enjoy my husband and vacuum up dog hair...

lars and i did some 4-wheeling, but we also took long walks and looked
for antler sheds, let the dogs play in the woods and watched bald eagles circle
high in the sky.

this might look like junk to you, but when we bought our place there
was this big pile of weathered pallets and the guys talked about burning it
till i yelled "NO!!!"
cole has made some cool things already out of some of it and there's more
waiting for the next project.

dale started tapping the trees last week maple sap yet, but we're
excited to make syrup for the second time.

melting 4-wheeler tracks

duke. what can i say? i love this dog like i've loved no other dog.
i didn't have my camera settings right here, but i still think it's a cool picture of him 
laying in the snow.

we have this teeny pond right outside the cabin and it had a thin sheet
of ice on it in the mornings. koda stood on the edge and watched while
duke charged out on the ice- breaking through every other leap- to retrieve the ball i threw for them.

from ice and snow back to these beautiful flowers.
the snow is completely gone in our yard now and i cannot wait for my
tulips, daffodils and squill to pop their heads through the dirt.
i want to try growing heelebores this year... have any of you ever grown them?
if you have, please give me some advice and
have a wonderful week!  

xo,  beth


  1. I ran right over to Trader Joe's on Friday to get my ranunculus. Yours are beautiful, mine not so much. I need another batch. Jill

  2. Jill, glad you got your first bouquet of ranunculus too~ they seriously make me happy! Mine are fading after a week, so it's off to Bachmans to get more! : )


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