Saturday, April 4, 2015

it's Easter weekend~

i've put together some images that remind
me how beautiful spring and Easter are after a long
cold minnesota winter. we had a big spring rain
two nights ago and right on cue the grass then started to green up.

i think of many things when i think of Easter.
of course the resurrection of Jesus our Savior is
first and foremost, but after that all things pastel,
bunnies, flowers, green grass and baby 
animals come to mind.

hare wrapping paper- yes please!

ohhhh...this photo by elena shumilova. i think i love the shadow 
of the bunny as much as the real bunny.

i'd like to have this little hat on hand.... darling prop for my 
photography business~

olivia. the little sister of one of my seniors came along for the photo session
and was simply enchanting.  beautiful brown eyes, curly blond locks and shy-
i pritnear snuck her in my car.

is this not the prettiest plating for a salad you've ever seen?

this seriously could be my adria dawn's legs when she was my little honey bunny...

and this photo below?
oh this photo~ ~ ~ it gives me a lump in my throat. 
this is my momma's twin sister dora.
dora and my uncle floyd are farmers.
they have raised sheep and chickens on their farm and
if you weren't raised on a farm you may not know this:
a farmer sleeps in their barn when its lambing season. dora and
floyd are in their late 70's now and all of the years they have
farmed and raised critters together, they've taken turns sleeping in the
barns to help with countless, countless births. 
looks like this was triplet lambs, just born... (hope you're not
grossed out by the afterbirth still on them, they were after all, just born) : )

i have such admiration for the quiet, unassuming way this woman has lived her life. she's 
worked alongside her husband since her early 20's. weighing in at probably 90 lbs.
she's raised 3 children and been a huge part of her grand and great grandchildren's lives.
 she's run huge equipment, picked rock, hoed many big gardens,
 taken care of  thousands of animals, cooked, canned, sewed,
& taught sunday school. 
you know what i think her starring roll is though?
she's a baby whisperer. she looks the happiest, in a rocking chair with a 
swaddled baby in her arms.

love her so!

wishing you all the sweet blessings of spring and
a Happy Easter,


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