Friday, April 24, 2015

hola friends,
happy friday- 

i was going to do a whole post showing you my 
bathroom re-do but after looking and looking for the "before"
photos and not being able to find them, this has now
turned into an "after" shot of the finished bath and
a whole bunch of random other stuff.

i did show you a couple pics of me in the process of tearing off
the fish wallpaper a while ago, (that part took 3.5 hours) but just let me remind you that the top
half of this little bathroom was painted a pale peachy tone and the bottom
was navy. there was a fish border separating them and believe it or not,
 after 20 years of looking at that
fish border, every single family member still liked it, but i just knew it was had to go.

some people like to paint. 
i'm not one of them... and a bathroom is such a tedious place to tape and
paint if you ask me. ( & i mean seriously friends, who likes to have their head
buried in a tight corner behind a toilet?)

this redo consisted of the hubs hanging a new light fixture... and that was
major- the one that was there was original to the house and musta
cost about $6. it was one of those hideous strips with the 5 exposed
light bulbs. ewwww and me cleaning the joint to within an inch of
it's life, tearing off the paper and painting, and putting up a new 
towel rack, art and accessories.
the whole project cost around $200 and it's nice to have
it done. 

i still wanted a "guy" feeling in this basement bath, because it
is the bath they use. the two canvas's and towels came from HOME GOODS.
(love that place- want it allllll). the towel bar came from TARGET.
paint is SHERWIN WILLIAMS shaker beige, and i found the light fixture at HOME DEPOT.

it's hard to see the fixture since it's turned on... but it's bronze and
such an improvement~ will replace the faucet to match next time i can
corral lars to do a quick project.

 moving along... i'm sad to say the ranunculus are gone for this year.
i pritnear have to have a small pity party when i realize this. 
i think they are the most beautiful flower on the planet and the 
short season they are available makes them even more special to me.

thank you, you little pastel beauties for brightening my home this spring...

this exquisite ribbon will be tied on my daughter's bridal bouquet.
it's plant dyed silk and just ohhhh so lovely.
the company that makes it is called silk and willow. 
they even hand make the wooden spools that the ribbon comes on.
*love is in the details*
adria chose the color
bespoke blush
~ even the name makes me happy.

here's some more peachy pink goodness.
josie k. my sweet little friend all cocooned in her beddie for the night
with her favorite things. 

girlfriend has thee best hair. she's only 5 and has the hair of a 15 year old.

ain't this the truth?

it's bridal shower weekend # 3 and i can't wait! this one is being hosted by
two of my besties and i know it's going to be just lovely.

i had 3 client photo shoots in the last week so i'm behind on
editing pictures and will hopefully be catching up and 
sharing some of last weekend's shower soon.
that one was hosted by the grooms family and i got to meet the
wonderful people that will be my daughter's other family soon.

the wedding is 29 days away now and there are piles building up all over 
our house of things that we'll be bringing to 
minnesota horse and hunt club 
where the wedding and reception will be.

the 4 larson guys will be part of an all day bachelor party tomorrow
while the girls will be at the final shower.
woooo hooooo!!!

here's a laugh for you in closing.
this is my youngest and my grandson. my grandboy seth is sporting
a long hairstyle that he loves and that is driving his father nuts.
his uncle cole came up wearing this fake-hair headband to 
mess with seth, and we all had a good laugh.
(seth doesn't wear his hair over his eyes, he has totally mastered the
"head flip" to keep the bangs to the side but did this for the photo.)

*i have to remind his dad that he too had long, crazy hair that drove his
father and i nuts in his teens and that this too shall pass.

hope you have a good hair weekend!

xo, beth

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