Tuesday, May 5, 2015

soooo, i really need to get caught up on the happenings around here.

the bridal showers have wrapped up and here's a 
peek at the second party in her honor.

* the grooms family knows how to
celebrate too!*
there are a lot of aunts and uncles, cousins and friends and
they alllll come out to celebrate together when there's a baby or wedding
on the horizon.
:  )

i loved meeting so many of the people that I've heard about.
we tease about big catholic families...(because we are 
lutheran and there is- as you know- a limit on how many kids we can have- 1, 2, or 3 is good, having 4 is pushing it~ ) : D,
but how much fun is it to be part of a much bigger family? 

the two cuties front and center are some favorites... on the left is a grandma
teresa, and on the right is the spunky g-aunt catherine. girlfriend came wheeling in with
her walker and promptly had a glass of wine.

first in line for the amazing lunch

(aren't they cute?)

the fab gifts were such a wonderful part of all the showers, but for me, it was
also "all about" the delicious food!

cindy the hostess, had this cookie jar on her counter and it brought
back such a great memory for me- my momma had this same one when
we were little.

the book got passed around ~

this fab hanger will have the bride's wedding dress displayed on it for photos

this little cutie got to be at the party for a bit.

my heart was so happy after this shower. 
to meet the people that will be the other half of your child's family is
really special. you hope for a great bunch of people and i think my girl
hit the jackpot with this family.
they took turns telling how they'd met her and a little about her and 
before the second one was done, many of us were crying... 
it was so touching and heartwarming for me to hear the kind things
they said about my girl, that i could have just boo- hoo'd!
(like the ugly cry kind of boo-hoo).

there's one more shower to share so that's up next!

i am a year older today and am feeling
love from all directions,

i am older, thankful, lucky, healthy, full, rested,
and so very blessed,

xo b.

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