Saturday, May 16, 2015


today i'm finally getting to a fun post about adria's
third bridal shower.

two of my best, best girlfriends cindy and mary hosted this shower which
was for friends of ours and the bridesmaids.

i seriously enjoyed all the parties sooo much.
(more than my own that's for sure- i was 19 and
terrified of being the center of attention).

seeing your daughter in the limelight is a whole lot
more fun, and it makes your heart just swell.

friend leslie always wraps her gifts with a "package tie on". she found these
vintage ken and barbie ornaments on a junkin trip to texas. they were part of the gift.
i know, right?? stinkin cute!

the party was at cindy's. she and hubbie mark have done a big remodel to their
kitchen this spring and everything looked amazing!

this is hostess mary, adria and hostess cindy...cutie patooties 

now....about the food. remember me saying a couple posts back that the
food knocked my socks off at all the parties? well check this table out!
specialty cheeses, almonds, this fruit platter, white chocolate dipped strawberries, quiche, sausage, a whipped sweet potato dish...
omgosh girls, you could have your own cooking show or catering company!
: )

sun dried tomato pesto,  fig spread...

individual bundt cakes, in two different delicious flavors.

citrus water and mimosa's served from mary's mom's exquisite punch bowl...

there was a mixed green salad with maple vinaigrette dressing that cindy made.
she even used lars's homemade maple syrup for the dressing.

& always a crowd favorite, cinnamon and caramel rolls.
(and by the way, cindy is making them again to serve at our bridal breakfast).
giddy up!

 some of adria's oldest friends maggie and christa, whom we used to see almost daily when
these girls were growing up in alexandria, came to celebrate with us.

this is rosie. adria lived with her for over two years... a bestie, she will be one of the
bridesmaids next saturday and her little boy henry is one of the two ringbearer-dog wranglers.
he wore a tie, because he's just that kind of guy! i can't wait to see he and jax in their little suits.

for one more week i can call us the BTB and MOB.
after that, the one on the left will be on a beach somewhere in mexico  with a new title
and the one on the
right will be home with her feet up and she'll just be mom again.

here's the MOG alice, friend cheri and friend leslie. cheri is going to be both my right and left hand girl this coming week,. she's helping me design all the flowers for the wedding and then she's the
wedding day coodinator. (can you say angel)? 
*rumor has it that there's a pretty swell gift
 wrapped and waiting for her (from the bride) to reward her for her hours and 
hours of help. 

mother and daughter leslie and christa

mother and daughter kim and karissa hess.
k-hessa ~as i call her~ she'll be standing
up front with the wedding party as an attendant too.

the hess's know their wine and they gifted a bottle of one of 
their favorites, which just happens to bear their name.

now this. this is what i call a 
katie leppa is a friend and attendant anita's mom.
well ms. katie sewed adria a quilt and matching pillow case to use
when she is hunting!!!! can't hardly stand it, knowing the hours and hours
of time she spent cutting and sewing this for my lucky girl.
katie drove all the way from glenwood mn. to celebrate with us, even
though her girl anita, who lives in CA was too far away to come.
*over*on the right is jessica d.
 jess is an amazing friend to my daughter and will be a bridesmaid.
girlfriend also hosted her fabuloso bachlorette party a week later.

this group of 4 moms and their girls have a tradition to get together and celebrate
milestones for the 4 daughters. i was thrilled to have them all there that day.
(cept anita, in CA~ her mom held up a picture of her-haha)
that's dee dee on the right, rose's mama.

sweet leslie made cutout cookies as favors for all the guest to take home.
package tie on's and favors are some of this girl's specialties. : )

last but not least, my sister surprised us by being at the shower too!
she had been in the twin cities 2 days prior for a follow up doctors apt. 
for her girl jessie, so since she lives about 3 hours away, we didn't
think she'd be able to make it. 
she said the night before she just felt sad that she'd have to miss yet
another shower and she so wanted to be a part of all the fun, that she
just decided to get back in her car and drive east again!
such a very special part of our day sis~ love you!!

*thank you from the bottom of my heart mary and cindy for the beautiful,
beautiful party you had.. it was all so delicious and
fun and special, i will remember it till i'm old and grey.
(oh that's right, i'm already old and grey, well, till i'm even older
and quit coloring then.... )

you girls~ all of you, from the bridesmaids and all my precious girlfriends, to
the treasured family on both sides who came to these showers,
it meant the world to us and we love you
big time!

one week from right now, we'll be in the middle of picture taking and
just a couple hours away from seeing our daughter 
walk down the aisle to meet the man who
will promise to love and cherish her all of her days.
it's very obvious she already loves and cherishes him with her whole heart.

they are a match made in heaven and i could not be happier for them.

since i'm doing the wedding flowers, this week will be especially
busy for me and if i don't have time to post again, i'll be back to share
a whole bunch of the wonder after next weekend!
till then~~~

xox, MOB, beth

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