Wednesday, June 3, 2015

best day ever...

 "best day ever"

that is what my girl tag lined her wedding day.

the wedding day has come and gone now and it
was one of the best days of not only their lives, but
her dad's and mine too.

i have been mulling this post over in my head, and i don't even
really know where to start...there are about a million thoughts
i want to share (and remember) from may 22nd and 23rd, 
and a million pictures i'd love to share with y'all.
*i know you don't have "quite" the interest that i do though,
so i'm going to try cut it down to a thousand happy
reflections and photos.
: )

i'm also going to break down the two days in a few posts~
i have been editing my photos and have a few hours to go, so i
will just start with what i have done and backtrack some later...
(to the days i was busy doing her flowers and the rehearsal and dinner).

the wedding festivities  were at 
in prior lake mn.
they rented the onsite bunkhouse for a couple days to host the 
rehearsal dinner at, for the girls to get ready in and 
for some of their guests to spend the night at.
it's an old log building, with a lot of character.

 this is it!!! 

airbrushing a beautiful smooth finish to the bride's makeup.
all the bridesmaids and the two mommas had our hair and makeup
done by pro's that day. that was a first for me and even though it took
a long time and i felt pulled in a bunch of directions while i had my
turn in the chair, man it was fun. (i felt like a queen for a day).

 hi jess! looking good girl~

 the two moms hosted a bridal brunch 

two precious little friends of the couple's were their ring bearers.
aren't their outfits darling?
the kids gave them super hero outfits the night of the rehearsal
and they ran and played till their capes practically had to fly them home to their beds
before the big day!

big and little brother asked if they could come in and
see their seester for a few minutes~
these three love each other.
they've got her back. her dad and i love this so much... i pray that never
changes. she's a wife now and she has a husband to be her rock, 
but if need be- her brothers are there for her.
she's a lucky girl.

the groom got ready at home and so i didn't get any pics of him, 
but my guys got ready at the bunkhouse and i
was able to quick snap some pictures.

working on his tie~

i had to stop "mid-makeup" to hurry in and watch my girl get into her 
wedding dress. she put it on so fast, it was a just a blur

 she pondered long and hard over what jewelry to wear on her special day.
she had a beloved necklace from each of her late grandmothers, and pearls that
c. had given her. in the end she decided on the pearls and they were perfect.

her beaded sash was spectacular. it was attached to a pink satin ribbon
that looked so pretty floating down the back of her gorgeous lace dress.

 her auntie dawn was so excited when she heard they were engaged, that she had a
silver charm engraved with the wedding date and the words "best day ever", and made her
 a beautiful wedding garter with the charm. it was her something blue!

kenzie is their black lab/baby. she even had a custom made collar and got
to be around for a lot of the day.

father of the bride (my big sweetie) getting his duds on.
those cuff links might look classy, but they are hard for guys to maneuver. : )

lars thought he was so clever in the camo  bow tie and suspenders he bought
and wore for just a few pictures  (and to try and get a reaction out of me i think).
i was in way to much of a tizzy to even care~ hee hee

i love this picture of bridesmaid rosie with her hubbie helping
her get into her dress...

let's get this party started!
fab photographers annie and jess plus the bride were escorted to a car to sneak the couple 
to an off site location to take photos.

i love this quiet moment i captured of lars and his one and only daughter... 

here's the whole beautiful bridal party together, dog and all!

i did most of the flowers for her wedding and she and i worked together to
pick out all of her favorite flowers for her bouquet.
there were garden roses, ranunculus, snow berries, clematis, anemones, stock, astilbe,
peonies, lisianthus, honeysuckle and oregano in it.
she picked out the flowers and i started assembling it. when i thought i was done i asked
her if she thought it was and she said. "i think i want it bigger".
she was right! i added more and it really was, a spectacular combination.
she and i love flowers so much~
: )

the groom and the girls

getting a picture of these two was a challenge. kind of like the bride,
they never stopped moving!

each of the girls choose their own dresses and we all
loved the way they looked together. these girls are a huge part of
my daughters life and i just loved seeing them stand beside her on this special day.

can we just talk about THESE SHOES for a minute? wow rosie, just w o w. 

horsing around

the siblings.
now our girl has a new last name, : D

this seems like a good place to end the first wedding post~

nothing like a good wet willy between siblings to seal their forever bond.
these three children are my whole life...

and now i have a daughter that is a wife,
and a son in law i love and am proud to add to the pack.
and i*promise there will be more pics of the bride and GROOM
in the next post~

thanks for sharing our joy!

xo, beth


  1. Woo hoo -- been waiting for this post and it did not disappoint!

  2. thanks Kimmy! More to follow...haha

  3. Thanks for the great post! It is so much fun to see--through your lens--all the fun and preparations that led up to the big event. It was a blessing and a joy to be a part of this special wedding/celebration. Can't wait to read the next installment. ;)

  4. This wedding was truly amazing. The bride looks like a princess in this beautiful gown. I am also thinking to have such an outdoor wedding at the venues for weddings in Los Angeles. It would be my pleasure to hire you for the wedding photography. I might contact you soon dear!


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