Saturday, June 6, 2015

this is three

 this is caelyn.
she is 3.

she has the prettiest big blue eyes and long lashes,
she is petite and sweet, with just enough spunk thrown in to be entertaining~
and i couldn't believe how eager she was to pose for me!
her two grandmas met me for this photo shoot and
we had so much fun. she's the first grandchild for both of them
and it's pretty clear they think she hangs the moon~ : )

grandma tammy bought her these darling outfits and the
new pink cowboy boots and i brought along some
hats for her to wear if she wanted. 

she just kind of played and i'd suggest things and she was
just so cooperative and precious i couldn't believe it!
at 3, kids have a mind of their own and it's not always this easy...

here then is a photo album of some of my favorites from monday night.
*if you're on my face book page you've seen some of these already, but not
all my favorite peeps are face bookers)

her long bangs were getting in the way until grandma patty
took out one of her clips and we used it in caelyn's hair.
~oh hello baby blues~

i guess C likes to lick things all of a sudden (a stage I'm sure).... she tried erasing the message on
this chalkboard, but i hurried and snapped a couple pics

this is my favorite photo in the collection

i wanted just one more photo of her, laying down, looking up at the sky
but before girlfriend was willing to do that we had
to reward her with a break and some goldfish crackers...
: ) 
(I'm not above bribery)

thank you caelyn for being so awesome....
you are a beautiful little girl and i hope your
third birthday is magical.

have a happy weekend, 
if the rain lets up i plan to finish planting the
garden at the lodge!

xo, beth

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