Thursday, June 11, 2015

nope, still not ready to share the next installment of the wedding,
BUT, here's an update on the lodge~

because of the wedding prep and showers etc.
i hadn't been up north all spring.
usually the guys are up there almost every weekend,
but they hadn't been there for a while either and
we drove in fri. night to this...

(wish i would have taken an after shot of the lawn)
i dubbed the weekend there with lars 
"reclaim the lodge weekend".

we probably mow about 2 acres and we hadn't mowed yet
for the year.
this is what the lawn looked like.
: (

 bug spray was imperative...

 in an attempt to be positive, maybe the grass going to seed will
make it thicker next year huh? all those dead evergreen branches on the
bird feeding station are gone now too and the garden- which didn't get
cleaned off last fall- is now tilled and planted.
oh yeah- we got  s_it  done...haha
"no rest for the wicked" my gram used to say.

best surprise of the weekend was this patch of california poppys that
came back from last year. i immediately dashed in for a scissors and
scoured the grounds for whatever i could find for vases.

 there was also miss kim lilacs in bloom, bleeding hearts and a few
forget me nots.
: )

 now, with a smile on my face i was ready to dust and vacuum, mow and hoe, 
cook and clean.
whoever said having a cabin would be a vacation, lied.

 one of the things i do that makes me super happy is to change up my table cloths for
the seasons. there was still winter/christmas ones out.
 changing them to florals cheered things right up!

back in the city, my flowers here have started to fill in and
look good. yesterday i officially finished planting flowers and 
now i'll just weed and water, sit back and enjoy~

we have rhubarb at the lodge and i brought some home and made my once a year
pan of irene's rhubarb dessert.

do you do this? when you share a recipe with someone, put the date on it...
it makes it super fun in the years to come to see when you got it.
i love this well used recipe written in my gram's handwriting, in 1979.
i was a new bride, collecting recipes the old fashioned way.
it's the best. i cherish my recipe box full of recipes in my mom and grams handwriting.

this is super easy and oh so delicious - it makes a custard like filling.
*i tried to whip half and half because i didn't have whipping cream.
it was runny, but still yummy.

there's one tiny little square left in the pan...
hmmm, should i eat it, or save it for lars?

xox, beth

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