Sunday, June 28, 2015

if you're one of my peeps, fans or faithful blog followers
 you've probably noticed a lot of activity on my website, face book page and blog. you 
probably think all i do is sit in front of my computer all day.

well i'm not going to lie, it is!!!   haha
with my daughters wedding, 2 client photo shoots and a
destination wedding in the last month, my seat has been on a seat
more than usual,
but for the record, i've also squeezed in weeding and
garden maintenance, some junking, the never ending job of vacuuming up dog hair
  and last week a really fun evening on lake minnetonka with my book club.


joyce and mary co-hosted our june book club on lake minnetonka. and
it was such a relaxing evening. at the marina, adorable kitty cat gypsy greeted us.
the workers said they don't even know who she belongs to,
but that she shows up at the same time every evening.
*aren't calico cats the cutest?

a couple dudes assisted us and carried all the loot to the pontoon.

the crew got settled. just wish sue (on the right) wasn't always so tense. : )

the temperature was perfect. there wasn't a bug in sight... great food, a sailboat
regatta all around us and then an amazing
sunset.  umm hmm, good times.

joyce was our skipper. 

the hostesses brought a lot of good beverages.
but when you drink beverages ya need a bathroom.
well luckily this boat had it all, including a portable stall
that cracked me up! i didn't want to be the first one to use it,
but once sue tried it out  i jumped to be next in line.

*disclaimer: no photos were taken during the actual use of this facility.

i don't think the people on these yachts had anything on us... just say'n

we all loved skirting the lake shore and admiring the beautiful homes. these 
boathouses were particular favorites.

a last look at the crew (minus jill). 

summers are just not long enough here in minnesota and i can't believe
what a fabulous one we're having. mosquito control must have blasted chanhassen with
a LARGE chemical bomb because even the bugs have been no big deal!
 i watch too much tv in the winter but
haven't turned it on in the evening, for weeks. each night i stay 
outside till it's dark, reading and soaking in every last speck of daylight~
these days are priceless and i'm feeling blessed.

got big plans for the 4th of july? 
we'll be at the lodge and i can't wait to see what
came up in the garden i planted a month ago!

xo, beth

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