Monday, May 11, 2015

flowers are my love language

coming off the weekend~
mother's day by the way~ and all around me the trees and
plants are blooming and i can't help myself. i just want to take all
their pictures and share them with you cause they're so pretty~  just 
begging to be shared.

almost all of these are from my yard, but there is a photo of 
gorgeous white anemones and a redbud tree that are from friend mary's yard.

this is luna.
she is an 8 week old golden doodle. 
she's mary's son's new pup and she was at
mary's visiting so a bunch of neighbors went over to meet her.
she was so gentle and calm. i was seriously smitten!

why, oh why can't i live with a non- shedding dog?

big rain here last night... over one & 1/2 inches in the gauge this morning!
just what we needed to really give all growing things a boost.

i'm torn between wanting to run to a nursery and start buying
bedding plants, and knowing that until the wedding is over
(in 12 short days), that i won't have much time to keep them watered and tended.
i do have a few blooming things on the deck and my water fountain is
tinkling away and for now i guess i should control myself right?
right??? no? you think i should head to
tonkadale nursery and fill up the back of the jeep?

well, if you saaaay so,
: D

xo, beth

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