Saturday, December 6, 2014

 norm and diane.
they haven't had photos taken together
since their wedding day almost 60 years ago.

i just really can't put into words how touched i was to
take these photos for them. they are surprising their
3 children and their families with them for Christmas. i can't imagine 
anything that will mean more to them can you?

you know that vow we take on our wedding day-
to love and to cherish in sickness and in health?
norm walks with a cane and when i asked him if he'd had
a hip replacement he said no and diane said "he's had seven back surgeries".
i looked at diane and said, well you sure look healthy and she said
"oh i am, i'm great"!  then norm softly said, "she's survived a brain tumor and
breast cancer with a double mastectomy", and diane said "and he's
also had heart surgery and a triple bypass. but we are doing just great!"

point is, i'm convinced they would never have brought this up if i hadn't asked.
they were just so happy~ they have obviously weathered some serious storms,
but walking side by side and as long as they're together, i think they really are
"just great".

i asked if they wanted to kiss for a picture and diane said,
"oh we kiss all the time", but norm giggled nervously and said,
"oh we don't need to do that here."  :  )

their love and devotion to each other was so sweet it made my heart swell.
i wanted to bring them home with me, get them snuggled under a 
blanket on the couch and bring them coffee. 
(and what is it about an older dude who wears brut? he smelled so good and when I told
him that, he chuckled again and diane said proudly, "that's the brut").

later that day as i was editing their photos, i started thinking about how
i wish i could take photos like these for each of my beloved aunts and uncles.
and anyone else their age who is lucky enough to still have their spouse.
so if you're reading this and you're interested-
call me. 

best gift ever.

enjoy your weekend and when life is throwing curve balls your way,
i really hope you have a lifeline to hang on to.
like these two do.

xo, beth

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