Monday, December 22, 2014

here is a little collection of cars with Christmas trees on them
that i've culled from here and there to share with you~

it's one of my new favorite things and i totally dig the image,
whether on a pillow, a sugar cookie or a shelf.

kinda died over this antique truck with the many trees!

must have this cookie cutter!!!

the doggies in the red truck- umm JOY TO THE WORLD~

wouldn't you just LOVE to get this Christmas card?

this last one is one of mine~ from the lodge

happy monday,
hope your day is merry and bright!

xo, beth

p.s.  here's a really genius tip for you parents out there-
one year when my kids were young i knew they'd be relentlessly digging under
the tree, shaking their presents and probably guessing what was in them so
i had an idea.
i put a name on each gift- but it wasn't really who it was for-
for instance, all of eric's gifts said adria.
all of adria's gifts said cole...
do you get my drift? still makes me chuckle when i think back
to Christmas Eve when they smugly made their piles and sat down
in front of them. let me tell you, there had been a LOT
of shaking and dreaming about what was in those boxes.

lars and i settled in too and then i casually said,
"hey by the way~those aren't actually your presents" 
then i told each of them which pile was theirs.

they didn't like it. not one little bit, but i thought it
was such a great trick that i thought i'd pass it on so you
could use it too!
keep em guessing guys~
: )

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