Sunday, December 14, 2014

frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface.

i'm at the cabin for a week.  at about the half way mark on my drive
up north, the whole countryside was frosted in white. 
the technical term for this is hoarfrost.
it was so pretty~ i just had to pull over and dig around for my camera.
the frost, coupled with the low lying ground fog made for some
gorgeous scenery.

there is a looooong gravel road that leads into our place and 
now i've turned onto it and i'm almost there.
everywhere i looked, it was beautiful.

the cattle ranchers up north all have donkeys. there are many
wolves in our area that kill their cattle and the donkeys protect the
cattle. isn't that cool? they may be small, but they are mighty.
the way the animal kingdom works is amazing.
(we have our own nativity scene right down the road)  :  )

this is my favorite of all the frosty tree photos~

the lodge~ i'm there

wood from this big pile is keeping me warm while i type away here in my
big chair, a brown dog by my feet.

hope you have a great day,

xo, beth


  1. This blog post just MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No... it MADE MY WEEK!!!! I adore the beauty and of course the big fluffy horses with their winter coats - one of my favorite "things" in this big wide world is a horses soft winter coat!!! LOVE IT!

  2. I agree with Maggie, pics of the horses are the winners, love them!! As I was out and about driving in that blanket of white I wondered if you were taking photos of the beauty of the day!


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