Saturday, December 20, 2014

look kids, there's my reindeer!

and the little kids? they fell for it, sleigh, line and sinker.

the handsome little dude in the middle is henry. henry is going to be the ring bearer
in my daughter's wedding soon. :  )  he's pretty much enchanted me since 
the first time i saw him as a teeny baby. he's wise beyond his years, but he
really did seem to think there may be some deer swooping by at any minute.
he looked and he looked, till the sun nearly blinded him.
just look at his little face~ isn't he precious?
the darling little girls on either side of him are his twin cousins.

henry's mama and little brother stopped by to say hi~

a friend and i did a small craft sale in chaska 2 weeks ago and there
was a brunch for families and a chance to visit with santa. most of the kids
were terrified of the big guy, and i'm just going to be honest here- so were maggie and i!!
he was kind of creepy and before the brunch started he walked around and
tried to convince the grown up girls to have their photo taken with him,
and/or sit on his lap. 
sometimes cell phones come in extra handy- when we saw him coming over
to our table, maggie and i both grabbed our phones and pretended to
be talking to the easter bunny.

loved this shirt- yours truly had a baby on dec. 25th, and i 
thought it was funny and cute.

have you ever seen such huge eyes? she too was looking for 
santa's reindeer.

this "rare pair" willingly sat on santa and didn't shed a tear~

our table of goodies-

my partner in crime. i'm thelma- she's louise.

 one of the reasons i love hanging out with this girl is that
she is hilarious~~silly and spontaneous and always ready to do
something to make me laugh. (she's pretending to sing to the room
full of people here- and girlfriend can fact she'd sung at
a funeral before coming to my house). 

well, so long santa. no offense, but maybe a bit of a hair trim around the eyes before next year
would help with the scare factor- that and a little less creeping on the
mothers. asking all of us if we'd been baaaad little girls got old. just say'n~

hahaha hohohohoho hahaha

it's time for me to stop procrastinating now and get my 
presents wrapped- time's a wasting and there's not an elf in sight,
not a creature is stirring and if you should happen to see santa girls,
have your phone ready.

* hey will you join me in doing something to help the earth this Christmas?
according to better homes and gardens magazine, if every family in the
united states would save and reuse just two feet of ribbon we would save
38,000 miles of ribbon- enough to tie a bow all the way around the

only 2 yards each- let's do it- let's tie a ribbon around the earth together~

xo, beth

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