Tuesday, December 23, 2014

let's all move to northfield!

i know, i know- another post from me...
it's just that i have so much good Christmas stuff to
show you and since i took the time and had the fun of taking
the pictures i want to share them with all of you so i'm posting a lot
this week- thanks for reading!

on monday my friend christa invited me to come to northfield
for a Christmas brunch at her house again.  girlfriend loves to decorate and
her family is in a different house this year so i couldn't wait to
see how she'd decked her halls.

(*to see last years brunch go here:
a birthday in december ~ dec.10th 2013)

thank you ikea for this big red star~

pioneer woman's quiche~ we're making it for Christmas morning~
it's so yummy.  the croissants are from a charming little bakery in dundas.

these shutters above christa's bed used to be in her beloved grandparents home.
isn't it a charming idea to hang a lighted wreath on them?

this guys eyebrows said it all. very Norwegian. i should know, my hubbie's 100% norsk and
without a lot of maintenance this is exactly how his eyebrows could look. (love you lars) :  )

thank you target for selling things like this bike platter and the pillow with the tree.
you make it so easy to decorate our homes with character and style~
(and no this is not a paid endorsement, although if you're interested target- 
just give me a little shout out).

christa and i love a lot of the same things. she likes red trucks with trees tied on top too and
she's the reason i love little vintage dogs.

after our nummy brunch we headed downtown. if you've never been to northfield treat yourself
and go there. it's the home of 2 colleges and it's on the river so it's got all the
old fashioned charm you'd expect.

at the rare pair, they wrap in an organic but fabulous fashion

we ducked into the jessie james museum to use the restroom and were
treated to a chin dropping "ohhhhhhh" when we saw this tree
dripping with glass ornaments.

an occasional shop called -the spare room- was all prettied up and had
refreshments out for their customers. 

christa and maggie at the museum

it was just a perfectly wonderful day in this cute
little town- thank you christa for inviting us again this year.
(now it's a tradition right?)

and these little friends of mine are going to help
me say so long for today,
*not much makes us "birders" happier than
a bright red cardinal at the feeder.

and theodore is up to something as usual.
i think he may be having a brunch too- for alvin and the chipmunks maybe-
and he's busy grilling chestnuts?

peace and love,

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  1. Your blog makes me SUPER SUPER HAPPY!!!! The decorations at Ina's ... all of the town flare and of course the birds and squirrels! I will vouch for you when Theo tries to run for mayor of Chanhassen! He is a IN-SAAAANE people!!!!! Someone spiked his acorns!


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