Tuesday, December 9, 2014

*i ran around the house today and took pictures of 
how i've decorated for the holidays.
wanna see some?

i have a thing for bottle brush trees.
and fake snow,
and  twinkly lights strung through my displays.

my decor is super simple and i like to use whimsical little
characters and some of the antique dogs from my collection.

if i lived in the south i would only decorate with fresh greens and candles~
but it's such a drag cleaning up pine needles in january in mn.
so i stick to fake snow instead.
: )

this  fired clay nativity is one of my prized possessions. it was hand sculpted by 
artist reba brusek in alexandria mn. and when i unpack it each Christmas
it kind of takes my breath away.

 these trees didn't stay on the piano, i had just unpacked them and
they were standing ready to find their december home.

i saw this idea on pinterest and raced right to the thrift shop to get a rose bowl.
lucky me found the beautiful plate that day too. you have to find something
fun and small to put under your inverted bowl to complete the look- oh and don't 
forget the snow. mine has a very old, wind up tin dog underneath. i gave him a 
flannel scarf cause it made him even cuter.

i've never put my village in the kitchen but i did this year. it's fun to have it there because
i spend a lot of time there (not cooking mind you, just eating the caramels i keep on making)
 : ) 
and i turn the lights on more.
  it's makin me happy.

favorite new items this year are the antique red car with the old tree i tied on top.

Christmas cards are showing up in our mailbox just about every day
 and it makes getting the mail so much fun. i am going to address
mine up north at the lodge this weekend. i am going up for several days
and was hoping to snow shoe, but it's supposed to be so warm
that i bet our snow will all melt. i'm going to be so bummed if we don't
get new snow before Christmas!!! 
*no snow at Christmas will = a pouty faced me.
i live in minnesota. minnesota winters are beautiful, but they
are also brutal. what's really brutal is if there's no snow for Christmas
and then there's snow for many many months afterwards.
just not o.k. 

side note:
did you watch the TV  special about the movie
our book club is reading the book (by laura hilldebrand) and the movie opens on 
Christmas day. it's the unbelievable true story of one man's
journey home from world war ll. i think it's going to be remarkable.

~ hope you liked seeing some of our Christmas decorating,
*and if you're reading this leslie kay kruger mohs- 
it's a biggie this year and i wish i could share a piece of cake with you today.
 i also hope we get to grow a lot older together, dear friend.
the day i met you was my lucky day~

peace & xo, 

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