Tuesday, December 16, 2014

count down to Christmas~

   nine days and counting...

here are some photos of Christmas cheer to hopefully make you smile today.
we got snow where we live and all is right with my world again.
:   )

for the first time ever, we drew names in our family for gift giving.
it's great on the one hand because we all have a lot less gift buying to do-
(and for sure less gift wrapping!)
but I didn't get eric or adria's names and so for the first time since they
were born i'm not buying them anything... (maybe) haha
mama no likey~ feels weird.

this is not my neighbor pal murphy, but it looks just like him!

i made this into a little hand warmer heart last winter.

this is at my friend christa's house- she loves to decorate just like her mama~

pritnear kidnapped these two pups when i saw them on main street excelsior a couple
weeks ago. it was the coats that really amped up the cuteness factor.

i hope you got a lot of things crossed off your list this past weekend
and can go into the final Christmas countdown with a bit of
time to relax and take in the important stuff... i made three kinds of
cookies at the lodge and decorated up there. i'll show you some of that
in my next post. lars resisted cutting down a whole tree cause he
just wants them to stay in our woods, but i did get his help to cut boughs and make
two swags. one we put at the end of the driveway and one on the
cabin, and we cut a perfect little spruce top and that's our official
Christmas tree! it's darling and i love it.

we also made a trip to Alexandria for a surprise birthday party for
friend leslie. it was a blast and i think she really was surprised.
may get some pictures up to show you from that too, but for now
that's all, it's been a wonderful week at the cabin and now i'm heading south.
i have bookclub and a crown awaiting me. a crown for Christmas? you shouldn't have!
a tiara...a crown- just all so grand. just wish i could wear it on my head
instead of in my mouth~

xo, beth

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