Wednesday, October 8, 2014

soooo, i woke up and put my feet on the floor this morning
and the first clear thought that ran through my mind
was how much i love our minnesota change of seasons.

i can't imagine living somewhere where you can't
look forward to shoving your shorts in a bag under the bed
and snuggling up in a new fall sweater.

when i went to the cupboard to get a cup for my coffee i
perused my choices and was like "nope, don't feel like
a white one with flowers today, that feels like summer.
the one that felt right was a deep inky blue that is black
inside and says "brueggers" on it.

yesterday my feet were so cold while i sat editing pictures~ so today
 i put on some smart wool socks!
(if you don't own any of them- you should)

when i look out the window the lawn is sprinkled with
different colored leaves and it is messy and beautiful.

i made the first pot of chicken & wild rice soup yesterday too.
now tell me that woulda sounded good in august~
nope. nada.

we put more blankets on the beds, make sure we have mittens 
in the car, (maybe even the ice scraper), gather pumpkins
by the front door, drink more tea. i switch out the rugs
for heavier fall colored ones and take more vitamin d.

the changes come slowly and every year
i think- noooooo- i'm not ready to say goodbye
to all my beautiful gardens and the green green
grass of summer. then fall starts and i'm surprised again
by how very much i love it and how i am ready and
how it just feels right.

you just feel right.


this is coming...and i pretty much know i will be
happy then too! (hate me if you must but i LOVE snowfall)
but for now- fall, you are mighty fabulous.

* the today show did a feature this morning about glen campbell.
he's in the end stages of alzheimers- (stupid, stupid disease!!!)
before he got to this point he made a gift for the world, he recorded a last song
and it's about the disease. it's just being released and it's called
"i'm not going to miss you."
what a gift.
what a wonderful man.

the show also asked the question: would you want to know
the age you're going to be when you die?  think about that
for a minute...hmm such an interesting question- with
so many angles to it.

be blessed today,

xo beth

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