Thursday, October 9, 2014

over the rainbow~

in the past two weeks, i have seen rainbows in the sky~
they weren't just single rainbows either- they were
double ones. a double rainbow is so much magic in the sky~ it's been several
years since i've seen a double rainbow and now 2 in 2 weeks?

it makes me sigh and just say
"thank you Jesus". 
thank you for this beauty that surrounds me everyday.
thank you for my eyes that see your majesty and
and for slowing me down long enough to take it all in.

last night at the end of my walk i sat on the bench
across the way that our neighborhood purchased in 
memory of a dear friend. 
it had been too long since i had sat on mikey's bench
and talked to him a little bit.
on the day we dedicated mike's bench, his wife
mary threw out some of his ashes to the wind 
 and i always feel his presence close by when i stop to rest there. 
i rest and think my thoughts. sometimes something is worrying me
and i chew on it for a bit there on that bench. mostly i try to
just be thankful and
 reflect on just how good life is for those of us
still on this side of the rainbow.

this version of the song 
somewhere over the rainbow is one of my all time favorites.
the singer, israel, passed away a few years ago and if you
watch the video all the way till the end you will see
a huge celebration of his life and the release of his ashes into
the beloved sea.
it's so moving.

like glen campbell, this man left us a legacy and what a gift
it is.

i think that's all that any of us really want out of life isn't it?
just to have lived a life that mattered in some small way~

hope your day rocks!

xo, beth

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