Friday, October 31, 2014

dear october~

it's been real.

real wonderful. 
your colors were especially fantastic this year,

 and your warm winds so welcome.

tonight the little goblins will head out to fill their
bags with candy and it feels like halloween.
coldest halloween in 8 years i've heard.

thinking back, my favorite costume when i was
little was a scary witch. 
getting in and out of the car with that
tall black hat on was no picnic though.

the favorite costume by one of my kiddos was
"captain underpants".
he was in about 10th grade when he pulled
off this debacle. i never even saw him in it, just 
heard the tales much later. 
he and his friends just would not give up the tradition of trick or treating 
and it was so cold there was snow on the ground
that cold october eve.
legend has it that his costume consisted of a cape,
tighty whiteys and sorel boots.
was that a really a costume or did the homeowners of think it
more as harassment?

i must admit i'm not even a little sad my kids are older now
and i won't be stumbling through the dark
with them trying to stay warm.


so hats (witches hats) off to all you parents
of young kids
may the force~ and your snowmobile suit be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                        *especially for you leslie krueger mohs

if the broom fits~ fly it!


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