Tuesday, October 28, 2014

another girl's weekend goes down in history~

last weekend was the annual 
redwood falls weekend.

we all trickled in on friday night and after appetizers and quite a bit of catching
up we went out to dinner and then went back to cousin sue's where the
chatter continued into the wee hours.

saturday sue feed us and then we headed to a local park and walked around
looking at the resident animals, taking pictures and seeing the
falls that this town is named for. every other year when we've done our weekend
together it's been really cold. this year some of us wore sandals. it was gorgeous!

i kind of can't get over how an animal can hold their head
up with antlers this size. i wonder if elk have migraines?

here's the gang- minus one.
(someones gotta be the photographer- and that would be me.)

it's all about the BIG sunglasses

just can't believe how much the two daughters of my cousins add to this
group.  maddy and anna are mucho younger than the rest of us.
we range in age from 26-60. we come together with lots of
different opinions on everything, from politics and food to raising kids and
music, but we dare to be ourselves.  we laugh and we tease and we 
tease some more and we heckle. but in the end, with sore throats
from talking over each other, we hug and we profess our love,
 then we drive away with
many more great memories to store.

auntie susie climbed down the bank to hug this big tree with her nieces.

 the famous falls
 last year a clown (in costume) fell over the edge and had to be rescued.
 his clown car was parked nearby. 
*this is the truth!
i'll bet this kind of call doesn't come in to 911 very often.

 here's a picture of me.
"i have a little shadow that goes everywhere with me,
and what can be the use of it is more than i can see."

after our outing i was driving one of the cars full of girls and i was following 
nancy. i didn't know my way around and didn't want to lose her so when she 
went through an intersection on a yellow light i stupidly just blew on through too!
only problem was...the light was red. completely and totally red. not green and not
yellow- not even light red. RED. as i drove through the other 3 yelled, "OH NO!!!
there is a policeman sitting right there". sure enough one of the cars at the 4 way
was a cop. i just about pulled over and got out my license, but low and behold he
just went straight! I yelled "thank you JESUS" and kept looking in the rear view mirror
wondering why he didn't pull me over. 

(maybe he was on the way to rescue another clown?)

we played a rousing game of pictionary before supper and 
it cracked me up!!! 

there was a lot of drama and screaming and the competition was stiff. at one point sue
accidentally yelled out the answer for the other team and it resulted in their whole
team having a meeting in the kitchen where she was stoned with M &M's for her

this is my sister's drawing of an ant hill.
:  )

the final activity of the evening was each of us picking a name of one of the others and
drawing them. if you've never tried this- do it sometime. it's a hoot! no one knew who
was drawing them and when we were done we put them up on a board and
tried to figure out who was who and who had drawn them.

here they all are... i took pictures of each person with their 
caricature. some were funnier than others.
there was one that the owner named 
uncle virgil. 
she told me if i posted hers on the blog she'd hurt me.
it's in the middle row on the right.
nuff said.

for the photos each person tried to match the expression of their portrait.
here are a few of them.




thank you sue for having this great idea
a few years back and bringing us together.
*it took me two days to recover.
when you're my age, staying up till one a.m. 2 nights in a row
just about kills you.
i wouldn't miss it for the world though~

xox, beth


  1. Thanks for updating us on the fun weekend I heard about from my girls!

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