Friday, October 10, 2014

 good morning~
 three years ago today on 10-10-11  i published my first blog post.

~now there have been more than 500 posts and
 over 50 thousand times people have checked in,
read my words and looked at my photos.

it really matters to me that you come here to see what i've been up to.
it's humbling and i appreciate it!
want to be a follower? i'd love it.
i love any comments so much- cause sometimes as a blogger
you sit in your little space wondering whooooo
is out there, who cares, is it worth it?
you see how many people read it everyday but wonder

don't know if i can really explain what this little place 
 means to me. i spent quite a bit of time trying out different names for
my blog and finally settled on 
brown sparrow studio.

i didn't know at the time how this name would define me.
i just felt like it embodied how i feel about my spirituality.
you know the song His eye is on the sparrow?

that song and this name went hand and hand to me.
like God has our backs. he watches and looks out for all of us
all creatures great and small.

*plus i am a bird lover...
a bird brain.

if you're a new reader
i want you to know some truths about me. 
i swear and i eat wayyy to much junk food,
i should volunteer more and look at pinterest less.
i like people but i like to be alone a lot.
i don't always say i'm sorry when i should and
i'm always working on being more accepting of others.
i am so far from perfect and i just want to say that
i hope i don't come off like i think i am.
i am just me- me who isn't very patient and doesn't like
commotion. me who likes to read and write and watch family feud.

if you can tolerate all that...check back for more of what i have to say....

: )


last saturday the weather was beautiful here in the twin cities.
i got a wild hair to do a photo shoot with some favorite
stuff from around my house.

so to celebrate 3 years
here are some of my photos.

girlfriend does love her camera. i just told a friend this week that
i pretty much see the whole world like i'm looking through the
lens of my nikon.

having phones with cameras has made that even more fun- but
unfortunately any pictures i take on my iphone will only
upload in a really small size. it doesn't stop me from
using it though- practically every day!

while i was playing with props in my yard my new neighbor puppy
came outside. i'm pretty much in love with this face.
isn't he the cutest??? this is murphy folks. hi murphy!

oh man, i have so many other thoughts running through my head that i want to 
write about, but i know, i know, you're busy, you have a life- you need to
go have a snack now or do your yoga or pay bills... so i'll leave you with this,

i want to share with you some of the very best blogs i've ever found.
 i am a faithful reader of these women's words.  i feel like they
are pritnear my friends and i love connecting with them and getting
a peek into their lives.

if you love good writing like i do, 
check them out.


glennon melton writes here. she is
a recovered addict, a wife and mom to 3. she has started a revolution
of helping other woman with her non profit.
she is funny and emotional and edgy and i love her.
i had the privilege to hear her speak in plymouth (she lives in florida) a couple
years ago and it just solidified my affection for her.
there has never been anyone more real than this warrior woman.


meg is a mother to 5 kids, two dogs and some
chickens. (oh yeah and 2 goldfish). she loves
bright colors and moved out of a perfectly fab big old house
to move to a smaller town for the schools.
the best part is that they didn't sell that house. she hosts
craft weekends there a few times a year that you have to win a
shot at by a lottery system. if i could ever go i think my life would be


stephanie nielson was a young wife, mother to 4 and blogger when
she and her husband were in a plane crash. the plane crash killed
their good friend, (the only other person on board) and left she and her husband 
horribly burned . stephanie was trapped in the plane and way worse than her hubby-she was
 burned over something like 90 % of her body. 
can you imagine?
she has had dozens of surgeries and another miracle baby and
is pregnant with her 6th!
she is positive and has a deep morman faith and she too
inspires me on a daily basis.

o.k, go eat your nachos now ---but just please
know that i love you and think you're great and 
i hope you feel all kinds of blessed today.
(and if you don't- get out and do something nice for someone else
cause that blessing will return to you ten-fold.
the universe is awesome like that).

xo, beth

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