Tuesday, October 21, 2014

i've been up north.
if you live in minnesota and your husband is 100% norwegian,
that basically means 
heading a couple hours "nort" of the twin cities.

the drive up was gorgeous
and here's a little weekend recap.
i'll pretty much let the pictures tell the story.

we share our main driveway with 2 neighbors and
the one who's lived there forever put up this
speed limit sign. as someone who tends to drive
 fast, i'm considering petitioning for the 
limit to be raised~ come on tim...how bout 20 mph?
10 feels like walking.
he's so strict. : D
(the orange is a nice touch though- so fallish)

guys, i grew these mini pumpkins and gourds in the garden!

there were still berries in the garden~

o.k.- the rest of these photos are from a walk to the end of our
long driveway. everywhere i looked there was this raw, natural beauty.

the remains of a sunflower plot


this big old pine is along the driveway. don't you wonder how old it must be?

tim's cows heard me moo and were like "what you lookin at kid?"

right at the end of our driveway sits this adorable cabin. it's not ours, 
but cute? oh my goodness...notice the tree trunks that hold
up the porch roof.

the woodpile that lars and the boys have made is pretty impressive.
it's about 4 rows thick. we shouldn't be cold, come winter.

in spite of many frosts, two poppies prevailed.

this is one of the best, most beautiful falls i can remember having.
it's "my" season. 

if you practically feel like you walked down the driveway with me,
then my work here is done.

see ya later,

oh you might be interested in knowing that i've now eaten bear meat.
for an extremely picky eater this was a biggie. had i not know
what i was eating, i would have just thought it was beef.
pretty surprised by that!

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