Thursday, October 16, 2014

i took a little time yesterday *about 7 minutes probably*  to walk
around my house and appreciate how cute my 
fall decorations were and how the fall leaves were
just glowing outside, and to take some pictures to share with you.

this blogging part takes way longer than the walking around
taking the pictures did. : )
uploading the pics and arranging them all... chatting a little
to go along with it, this takes time you know, but
i do it for you. haha
~ in case you haven't taken
your 7 minutes to slow down, here ya go! 

the maple leaves in the backyard

squirrels or something are chomping on cole's pumpkins

see the rose made out of the gold leaves from the back yard? my cousin
sent me a picture of some and suggested i try make them. so sue, this one's for you!
it isn't hard...all you need is some floral tape to hold it together.
(and you can get that at most craft stores)

it's tea time again for me ~

a card ready to mail to a friend...don't you love the BOO sticker?
(and my french over cereal right now).

it's minnesota and the temps are flip flopping from sweater weather
to needing shorts again. it's october 16th and the high today
is forecast for 70 amazing degrees.
 (if i wear shorts, there's no guarantee that my legs
don't need shaving. if you see me please
keep your eyes above my waist.)

this yummy comforter is a recent thrift store find. 8 bucks. 
reversible... & i love it! i think it may have come from
the company store.

this is my friend mary's tree. isn't it just breathtaking? i
was on the deck in my pj's when i took this this morning.
(and yes my legs need shaving...quit looking!)

more pictures of our backyard. 

man i love you fall.

there are hurricanes 
closing in on hawaii and bermuda.
and this whole ebola thing? let's try not to get
all hysterical yet ok?
let's just be glad we're here and we
have a great day looking at us.
*every good day is just that ...... a good day*

good old minnesota. 
where we're like the filling of an oreo cookie.
the best state sandwiched in the middle.

x beth o

oh my goodness, i just noticed that leaves are softly floating down
from the sky past my living room window, like
multi colored rain.
i may not get much done today.


  1. I have been basking in the color of our tree all week, isn't it amazing!! I just want to sit under it and read a book! You should take a drive around Lotus Lake, with your camera of course, UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!!! I wish fall lasted as long as winter does! Fall is definitely my season.

  2. mine too...and your tree? A gift!

  3. We have a beautiful Maple that is stunning right now too. I go out every day and rake the leaves that drop from it. I don't mind a bit, it is so nice just to be outside. I loved all your pictures. Thank you. And THANK YOU for blogging, I love to read your writings. Jill


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