Thursday, November 13, 2014

today, part 2 of my field trip to faribault:

after poking around faribault and having lunch at the cheese caves we headed
 back to northfield where my friend lives, we picked
her youngest up from school and went out to the farm.

this is one of those wonderful places that grows acres and acres
of food crops and invites the locals to buy a share of the produce.

once a week christa has been heading out there to get her food.
some of it is picked for her when she gets there, and some of it
the patrons are invited to walk the field rows and pick themselves.

it's quite a production i could see. the farmers have purchased
additional land and will expand even more in the coming year.

if i was a part of this whole dealio, my favorite part would be the
sign that says "pick your own flowers, as many as you like"

this was the last week for the people that are part of this
food coop to get a share till next year. some of the crops
still looked so green though in spite of several hard frosts.

the veggies are already washed for you when you're picking yours out~

i've known a few girls (very long lanky ones) who could actually do this with their legs.

i never knew this was how brussel sprouts grew until about 2 years ago.
this is a work of art to me!
(even if i don't want to eat them- i'd just use my share to
decorate a window sill with or something).
: D

say goodbye to the farm till next summer christa and ben!

benjamen, more commonly known as "benny boo boo"

not sure who this little girl was but she was quite
smitten with this kitten~

you can't get produce any fresher than this unless you grow it yourself.

do they have farms like this where you live?
what a great concept!

too bad i never learned to like vegetables though. i would waste most of mine i'm
sorry to say. oh i'd eat an occasional carrot...but all that green stuff?
not so much. when my babies were babies, i wanted them to like
vegetables even though i practically gagged just heating theirs up.
i was a complete FAKE, pretending to eat little bites and saying
"nummm" as i fed them. two of the three grew up and enjoy healthy food,
but the oldest larson child? he's just like his mother. he is the second
pickiest eater on the planet~ after yours truly. 
it's in our genes i swear. a fellow picky eater told me once that her
doctor told her that people like us have millions more taste buds than the
average person and that's why - i don't know if that's true, but hey-
it's all i've got.

*about two hours ago, while eating a halloween sized heath bar i
broke a big chunk of a molar tooth off and now i have a really sharp 
tooth that's messing with my tongue so guess who's going to the dentist at 8 a.m.
this would probably never have happened while eating a brussel sprout.

*i'm going to a garth brooks concert tonight!
i think can hear the thunder rolling from here~
ta ta!

xo, beth

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