Monday, November 10, 2014

faribault woolen mill- since 1865

i went on a little field trip to the faribault woolen mill in faribault mn.

faribault is pronounced  fair-i- bow
not  far- a- balt ...just so you know.

about 25 years ago i participated at an art fair in their retail store which has
since closed. i still have a yummy sweater i bought that day, it's just too great to maybe
ever part with. i haven't worn it in years, but should maybe drape it over a rocker
 or something this Christmas.

 my friends and i drove down hoping to purchase
some of their beautiful blanket ends, but they didn't have any. 
:  (

we inquired why and they told us that the mill had just recently
completed two huge jobs, one for ralph lauren and one
for the US navy and so they hadn't been producing their
own brand of blankets till those big orders were completed.
i guess if we go back in a couple weeks we can hope to 
 dig through the remnants bins and get some
fabulous ends!

the mill itself was a site to behold tho~ take a look.

a peek into one of the offices! wow

the displays were so divine i was in sensory heaven~

these are some of my favorites.

there is a dam right next to the mill, i'm not sure if it ever powered the machines
or still does for that matter, but it was pretty to look at.

the photos below are some i've found that feature warm blankets like the woolen mills
makes. i'm not a big fan of a wool blanket to snuggle up with, but the mill also
makes a softer variety too. i know that for a fact because i own a few! 

love them. 
love plaid.
love stripes.
love a blanket thrown over every chair come fall.

if you're ever out junking and you see a faribault woolen mills blanket 
snatch it up- the old ones are hard to come by and they
never go out of style. you can always buy new ones as well, 
but be prepared to spend a half a week's paycheck.


we have snow covering the ground today in mpls.
and a blanket looks mighty inviting to me.

happy monday folks and if you haven't already
filled your bird feeders, the birds sure look busy and happy
(do birds smile?) 
out my patio doors.

xo, beth

i love a good p.s. and this is a good one.
a follower commented below and i checked out the
tip she gave me. this is so cool, the mill has a limited
time partnership with target and you can go online to see the
items that they are carrying (exclusively online friends).

*  then  Faribault-target and the page should come up.

here's one of my favorite featured items.

santa, if you're reading this, hook a girl up would ya?


  1. did you know the mill currently has a collaboration with target? i saw some cute stuff on i hoe to get to a mill sale one year!!!

  2. No I didn't, and I'll be going to to check that out! Thanks for the tip~


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