Saturday, November 15, 2014

last weekend i went to the lodge to hang with my family and
do motherly like things in the warm cabin whilst they all 
froze their arses off in the woods deer hunting.

eric asked if i'd make chicken noodle soup with dumplings and bring up to
help him stay warm out in his deer stand.
i always make too much. my mouth is actually watering just looking
at these pictures of the soup again.
it's all about the dumplings for eric and i. 
sometimes i crave dumplings so much i make a big pot of soup just
so i have something to cook them in.
hee hee. 

i was in charge of all the dogs all day. that included our brown chesapeake koda.
adria's black lab kenzie and eric's yellow lab duke.

oh hi're such a good dog!

after the initial excitement and zealousness of seeing each other they settled  down
and pretty much sat and stared at the door waiting for their hunters to come inside.
i told them, that like a watched pot not boiling any faster,
staring at the door was not going to bring the hunters and huntress in any 
quicker, but they just went ahead and stared.

handsome devils aren't they? if i sat down one of them had to come and
drape him or herself across my lap. such nice little lap dogs huh?
* the stocking cap i was crocheting most likely 
has a bit of dog hair incorporated in it.

every time one of them wanted to go outside to relieve themselves, they all thought they
needed a turn, so one by one i'd put them on a leash and head out, trying my
darndest to hold the other two back while squeezing out the door. when
all 3 had had their turn they'd line up for a treat. (life really is all about the treats).
i'd make them all sit and shake and then dole out biscuits and then about 2 hours later we'd do it all again.

these 3 musketeers get weird when i'm talking baby talk to them and trying
to get cute pictures. they act all suspicious and won't give me their best happy faces.~

kenzie and i like to watch family feud.

i brought my grandboy up north with me. i thought it would be fun
to give you a little update on him.

if you haven't seen seth for awhile, even those of you who know him probably wouldn't
know him! this kid of ours has suddenly grown up and now he looks and 
acts like a man/child. he's 15 and has a deep, rough voice that i can't get used to
and he's grown so many inches in the last year that he's left me in the dust.
he can stand behind me and look over the top of my head.
best part of it all though-is that at least twice a day, (usually morning and night)
he comes and stands by me and lays his head on me and we snuggle a little while.

the hair? well...he's a teenager. teenagers gotta do what teenagers gotta do!
we are a teasing bunch of people and we like to call him
"the biebs" or JB .( short for justin bieber). he gives us disgusted looks-
but hey- parents and grandparents gotta do what parents and g-parents gotta
do too right? we tease because we love him and we like to have fun.
*like taylor swift says seth, "shake it off, shake it off"!
he's a cool kid and he's pretty darned handsome don't you think?
he's also realllllllly sweet, respectful and loving.

seth got his first deer a few weeks ago with a bow and arrow, so he
got to sleep in.
: )

flashback...seth  about 5 years ago!!!

i thought i'd begin and end with food.  i just bought this cheese
 at trader joes. it's an aged rosemary asiago and it is so delicious.
~pairs beautifully with a glass of red wine.
i'm not a foodie, but i tell you, this is some good stuff.
you've got to try it.

we had a few more inches of beautiful snow in mpls. today and
it's so pretty out. i know a lot of people don't like anything to do with
christmas till after thanksgiving, but the early snow this year has
thrown me right into an early falalala-la!
i've got a couple strings of white lights plugged in and i'm 
listening to kenny g's christmas cd as i'm writing.

it's not that i don't love all things cowboy, indian and pilgrim- (big fan of their black boots)
aaaaand i love the turkey and the blessings but it's just
that the christmas season is so short...and i love it and wait for it all year.
 a friend had a suggestion i think we should seriously consider.

how about we move thanksgiving up a couple weeks?
are you with me? that would give us 6 solid weeks after the big turkey dinner to
decorate, bake and do our christmas shopping.

i think nov. 12th would be a very nice
day to celebrate thanksgiving.

it's a really, really good idea.
let's seriously consider it okay?

"falalala-la la la, la la"!!!
xo, beth

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  1. I have to confess, I don't know what dumplings are!!! Love the dogs, Kenzie's face looks so much like Tana. Brings a smile to my face every time I see a picture of her. Jill


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