Saturday, November 22, 2014

a feast for the eyes~

"to be rooted is perhaps the most 
important and least recognized need of the
human soul"
                                   simone weil

last year i had fun finding beautiful thanksgiving tables
to show you so i decided to do it again.

here are some of the best ones i found.

if you're the one who's opening your heart and home next thursday and
setting your table for guests, maybe you'll get inspired to
try a little something different this year.

(these are all photos i found online)

*this is one of my favorites. did you notice the super cool
chandelier over the table or the upholstered chair at the head of the
table? And the fact that's the celebration looks like it's in some big old barn is a big plus.

the twig flat wear is the best part of this place setting.

simple but do-able!

they must be serving soup


i think it might be awkward to actually eat off these slices of a tree- but it 
sure is beautiful and creative huh?

this is over the top- extravagant and i LOVE it!

even more over the top--too much? umm i think so, where are you
supposed to put your food?

love wheat sheaths~

black and white, very modern and cool

personally i love the feathers- wouldn't want them to touch my plate though- : )

my favorite flowers are part of this arrangement- (ranunculus)- how pretty! it would
be simple to stud mini pumpkins with brass tacks from the hardware store.


i saved the best for last. this table is it for me...
it's just scrumptious in every way- the colors, the textures...
the perfect pears. i used to own a home decor store called
bella pear (beautiful pear) and i will always have a "thing" 
for pears.
i love the water glasses that look morrocan and how the use of
the color plum in the flowers highlights the pears.
i don't think i'd care what i was served if i was fortunate enough to
be seated at this gorgeous table.

there will just be 4 of us around a very small table for 
thanksgiving this year as two of our family members will
be traveling. i sold our old dining room table when i had
my cottage sale this summer and i haven't found it's replacement yet
so i'll have to see what i can come up with
 to make it pretty but still leave room for 
the dishes... it's all good though- because we'll crowd around our little pub table and
eat well, even if we have to do the decorating around the house
instead of on the table this year!


i'd love it if you'd share with me which table is your favorite or
how you'll be celebrating,

xo, beth


  1. Nice selection!! My fav is No. 1. Love the barn setting, the mix matched chairs, love, love the chandelier (I actually want it), love the barn wood table. Thanks Beth. Jill

  2. Jill- thank you for the feedback~ so fun to hear which one was your fav... that first photo is simply divine isn't it? I think you may have put a note in my mailbox today- and if it was you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the random act of kindness!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! xo


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