Wednesday, November 19, 2014

there is a little red squirrel that lives in our backyard.

i've named him theodore.

he is so cute in these pictures i bet you can hardly stand it,
 do not be deceived though. if you have had any experience with red
squirrels then you know how ka-razy they are. they act like they
have ADHD, are buzzed up on caffeine~ then throw in a sugar high and you've got
him figured out.
([pretty sure he is suffering from "small squirrel syndrome" too).

he may be small but he is afraid of nothing.
i swear a coyote could come up on the deck and theodore would
have him running for the hills in about 2 seconds flat.
 there are a lot of grey squirrels who would like to share the birdseed he 
loves to eat but apparently he did not go to kindergarten because he
knows nothing about sharing. he chases those big relatives of his
outta the yard so fast that i can't believe they keep coming back.

o.k., if you must, then chase off all other squirrels, but can you just leave
my little birds alone? i have birdseed out for the birds
you scrappy little dude- they are not called squirrel feeders.
help yourself to whatever falls on the deck, but would you 
please let the chickadees and juncos eat at the feeders? 

theo flies around the deck like the roadrunner. he uses the deck furniture
like a jungle gym. to get these pictures i had to just keep clicking and moving.
i think i took them all in about 20 seconds.

say this in your best alvin and the chipmunks voice,
"hi i'm theodore- would you kindly keep the feeders full? thanks."

these are some of the bigger squirrels he spends all day chasing~

he does his best to scare off these darling little birds.
i don't like that! (he doesn't care). 
the police should train and use red squirrels like they do dogs!

off he goes again....

hope you're having a great week!

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