Saturday, November 29, 2014

music has a way of healing us~
it calms me and grounds me.

here are three favorite music videos that i
could watch on repeat.

this kind of beautiful music is like a benediction~
a powerful IV of grace. 

*click in the box on the lower right of each to enlarge

Pentatonix- Mary did you Know

The Canadian Tenors and Celine Deon- Halleluia

Josh Groban and Celine- The Prayer

i hope you took the time to watch these.
i think it'll be the best 14 minutes of your weekend.

i've had the extreme pleasure of seeing celine and the
canadian tenors live and if you ever get the chance~ grab it.

off to start decorating my tree,
(while listening to great music).
enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving weekend, it's supposed to be 
a beautiful day here in snow covered minnesota and i
get to take a couple's engagement photos at the arboretum.
lucky me!

xo, beth

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