Saturday, May 10, 2014


today is mother's day.

this is a blessing for all the girls who ever wanted to be a mother,
and couldn't.
for all the women who helped raise another woman's child &
for the woman raising children without a partner.
it's for all of us who experienced 
infertility and loss.
*i especially bless those mothers who have lost a child~
 and had to somehow take their next breath and keep walking forward.

for all of us lucky enough to have children to love,
and for all who still have their own moms.


sometimes the raising up isn't easy & sometimes the days are long.
 when you are pregnant you're afraid
 of what labor is going to be like but
what you don't yet know, is that your real labor begin
your child is born.
 as a mother, your heart will be broken.
broken wide open with emotions you never knew existed
until you have a child.
yes there will be hard days and long nights,
 but their will be laughter and there will 
be joy. there will be silly songs that you make up and then years
later hear your children sing to their own children.

our children teach us much more, than we ever teach them. 
our job is to raise them up and grow together
and then there's the letting go.

 it's the best job there is~ 
life's highest calling~being a mother.

 by grace, i was given three children to raise up. 
they are my greatest blessings.

*eric, adria and cole*

you made me a mother and that is pretty much
all i ever hoped to be.


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