Tuesday, May 27, 2014

just a little bit more organized

it's the tues. after the monday that was a holiday.

if you can't WAIT for next weekend to get here you're in luck~
only 3 more workdays after today and it'll be the weekend again.
if you've got a lot to get done this week you may be going eeeeeek~
now i'm short one day to get it all accomplished.

i love being organized......but i'm not really. i could do so much better if 
i'd just take the time- do a few things here and there, just take a stab at
a few new ideas.

 when i see great ideas like these online i get excited
so i swear i'm going to try at least one of them today!

*this was part of a source that had about 40 organizing ideas,
here i will share with you my favorite 8.

8 that are GREAT!

 keeping track of your cords is a more and more common problem.
who's is this? what is it for? whenever we get a new one we should just label it right away.

 i love this idea- i always have a note pad on the side of the fridge and having
a pen right there would be so handy. i'm going to buy something- in the cutest
can i can find- and put a magnet on it asap.

 now this is a lot of work- but doesn't it make sense?
(i will have to make it two years though- i know myself well enough to know
that after one year i'd still be going "wellllllllll- maybe this white blouse will be perfect with the next skirt").

i don't have a door like this - but if i did...............

 this is for my peeps who collect boots- (you know who you are, cheri, maggie, annie)
cut one of those swimming noodles in pieces and put in your boots to keep them upright.

when storing your clean sheets put all of a set in one of the pillow cases.
 my aunt dar is the first person i knew who did this- isn't it a great idea?

this is just to see if you're paying attention!!!!
i noticed on the sidebar of my uploading photos page that there
was an option for uploading from my phone. 
i clicked on it and this came up~
not kidding. don't know why or how it got there, but it was too good
to not share.
my brother, my son and the hass.

bracelet storage
 you wouldn't have to have this in a cute crate, you could simply set a 
beautiful bottle on your dresser or in the bathroom.

pretty sure you could get a magnetic rack something like this from ikea.
that ikea has everything.

well, there you have it, some perfectly sensible ideas on home organization 
that are simple, cheap and do-able.

have a really great day,

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  1. love these tips...i love clean...and organization...now if i could jsut get my small children to feel the same way...lol. and funny about old david making an appearance on your blog..lol


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