Wednesday, May 7, 2014

this week finally feels like may. i was born on may 5th- and
traditionally the month of may (and my birthday) are beautiful. 
can't even tell you how happy these little pansy faces are making me~

and these fresh flowers.

it's my big sweetie's birthday 5 days before mine so
we had a party for "us" on sunday with our kids.
i made a party hat for my bunny on the porch,
when adria got here she said,
"mom, what did the rabbit do that he had to
wear a dunce hat?"  haha

papa had an ear to ear grin when he saw his 
awesome new air compressor.

this is chris, adria's fiance~ my bonus son.
 (isn't he handsome?)
 he likes to garden & has his already planted... he feeds the birds too, like me. two of my presents from the kiddos were a watering can and 
a beautiful hummingbird 
feeder. christopher picked them out!

found this darling bag hanging on my front door on my birthday-
gorgeous decorated sugar cookies, made by a friend. 

presents- so many, so much love being sent my way...
thank you, thank you friends and family! (xox)

these are from the garden. not. even. kidding.
: )

oh and another fun part of my birthday was a pedicure.
first one  e v e r.  i got a french polish- i hadn't even
been home an hour when i smudged several toes...
i called and went back and got them fixed up.
i told lars that night that his wife was sooo not born to
be a diva! (remember my manicure fiasco a few
months ago?)  

i had a really lovely birthday - & now enough about me---  

now it's all about my dear
 friend annie getting hitched on saturday!

i'm picking up a car full of flowers at my
wholesaler tomorrow and i have all the
tools and tricks of the trade packed and ready- along with
buckets, my apron, granola bars and camera.

it's a really, really special honor when i'm trusted to 
do the flowers for such special occasions and 
she and i have a vision. we have looked at
pinterest and wedding sites & sent pictures
back and forth. the flowers are really important
to her. 
i hope i can deliver~

i am pretty sure i'm going to do the flowers for
my daughter's wedding too. i may be crazy- i've
heard a mother of the bride has a million things
on her list, BUT...
this is my only daughter and i did the
flowers for my own wedding and still made it down the 
aisle, so i really want to do hers.
she and i are nutso in love with flowers.
if there was ever a time to use
the skills i've learned, it would be for her right?

buckets and buckets of gorgeous
 peony's, garden roses, ranunculus, 
rice flowers, hydrangeas, baby's breath and stock await me,

i can't wait!


*my sister just randomly sent me a message the other
day telling me she was laying in bed thinking about her wedding,
and wanted to thank me for doing her flowers. (I was 9 months 
preggos at the time). she told me she still thinks she had the
most beautiful bridal bouquet she's ever seen.

~it was 34 years ago.
how sweet is that?

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  1. Take lots of pictures of those wedding flowers--I'm sure they'll be beautiful! On your recommendation, I bought my first ever ranunculus yesterday when I was in Willmar. I don't remember ever seeing them before. The container says they will bloom all summer. Hope that is true because they really are pretty! Have a great weekend! We will miss you at the shower on Saturday.


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