Thursday, May 15, 2014

an explosion of flowers~

 hi! i know some of you are anxiously waiting to see some
of my pictures from annie's wedding weekend.

i'm saving the wedding ones for another post- (they aren't
edited yet even) but here's a look at the 
production line of us doing her flowers!

we assembled them at my friend bonnie's.
it started out last thursday with annie and i
going to the floral wholesaler and o.k.'ing
everything i'd ordered and having it all packed up.
she headed out to get her wedding dress and i drove
through rush hour traffic in pouring rain,
to get to bon's and get the flowers all trimmed,
bathed and in buckets, and buckets of water to
harden them. these flowers came from all
over the USA and maybe even some flew across the ocean!
they were thirsty.

every single stem needs to be re-cut and all the lower foliage removed and then
the stock and hydrangeas got completely submerged in water
to hydrate extra step that took a lot of time,
made us laugh (as we sat on the edge of bon's tub discussing
the fact that the people at our wedding table wouldn't have
a clue that we'd "bathed" the flowers in the centerpieces.

we spent 6 hours getting them ready for the next morning and the

so here it's fri. morning and bonnie has us all organized and ready to goooooo~

the bride (annie) and her daughter/maid of honor get there to help and give us grief.

annie and jess designed their own bouquets! 
i could not believe how talented they both are.... these may be
the most gorgeous bridal bouquets i've ever seen.

bon was so determined to get a good shot of us working
she leapt up on her counter. haha

we made 39 of these darlings for the reception.... sheer delight!  i love the flowers 
annie choose and it was such a pleasure working with all this beauty!


i hope to get the wedding editing done and then i'll show you the
next part of the fun next week! 
till then, ta ta.


i'm off to alexandria to say good bye to a 
very dear old friend of ours-
the first one of our friends to pass on.
bruce was a one in a million kind of man, 
you could never be with him without leaving
with a stomach ache from laughing...

he had a heart attack in his car at the grocery story,
eating a klondike bar.
what a way to go- and he left us all with a smile on our faces.

he was 62 & he lived life to the fullest~till his very last minute on the earth.
he will be so missed.
my hubbie said when i told him and the shock had
set in, "the world is going to be a lot less
funny, without bruce in it."

xo, beth


  1. Wow Beth, I have never seen so many beautiful flowers in one place. You must have been in heaven working on those bouquets. Absolutely magnificent. Jill

  2. it was a real pleasure Jill- but without Bonnie's help I would still be working on the bouquets -a week after the wedding-! I overestimated the time it would take. Man oh man.... : D


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