Saturday, May 3, 2014

 feeling all things pink and soft this morning. i think it's cause the sun is shining~
 and it's saturday.

my handmade party hats

one week from today my friend annie is getting married.
i'm making 30 bouquets like the one below for their party~
*i can't wait! it has been an absolute blast hearing all her plans for
the last year...having her show me pictures of her dress and her daughter's dress etc...
watching her open things that came to the studio that were for the wedding...

now the time is finally here. annie lost her mom when she was in her early 20's
and to honor her memory, she chose mother's day weekend for their wedding.
her dad and  22 yr. old son are going to walk her down the aisle...
i could already cry just thinking about it.

i LOVE weddings. period.

wish you were here to have a cup of coffee with me!

yesterday i washed off the table on the deck and put a tablecloth on it,
potted up some pansies and got out the cushions for the furniture.
today lars and i have big plans to get the yard cleaned up.

we have a big yard...he just asked me when i would be ready to start.
(it's 9:15 a.m.) i told him i power up about 2 p.m. and to just go ahead and
get started without me. 

i yelled down, " i am blogging~ 
then i'll get dressed and have a bit of breakfast,
then i'll be out."

how long can i make this blog post last?

probably not that long...................see ya!
xo, beth

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